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Cushaw and catI'm ashamed by how lax I've been on giveaways over the last few weeks while finishing up my job.  To make up for lost time, I'm giving away masses of seeds --- enough to fill up your garden and your neighbor's too!

These seeds are leftovers from last year or the year before (but all are young enough that they should germinate fine.)  I've got lots of winter squashes (Howden and Jack-o-lite and Baby Bear Pumpkins, unnamed and Royal and Table Queen Acorn Squashes, and Cushaw (a local variety pictured here)) which I'm giving away because after tasting them all Mark and I decided butternut is the best of the best and plan to only grow it next year.

We've got Marketer and Fanfare Hybrid Cucumbers because we can't get any variety of cucumber to survive the wilt and are trying a related species --- the Mexican Sour Gherkin --- instead this year.

We've got Italiano Largo Summer Squash and Jung's Summer Squash Medley because after trying lots of summer squashes we've decided that Goldbar Hybrid is our favorite for taste and productivity.

We've got Oregon Spring Bush, Wisconsin 55, and Thessaloniki Tomatoes because we've already got all of our heirloom tomato varieties determined for the year.

We've got Cabbage Babies Mix because even though they were adorable (purple, plain, and savoy, all the size of a softball), I thought the taste of the plain old feed store varieties was better.

We've got upland cress and rape because I'm concerned about the health effects of these greens.  (It won't hurt my feelings if you trash the seeds after googling them.)

We've got Black Beauty Eggplant (which is the only one which might be too old to germinate) because I only like eggplant so-so, not enough to baby it through the flea beetles and diseases we get around here.

And, finally, we've got Bonanza Broccoli because I just like Packman better. 

As usual, check out our giveaway guidelines and enter!  (Note that this giveaway is ending on December 6, not today....)

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My son just started a pumpkin patch on his farm last year, and I know he would love to plant some of your squash and gord seed also this year!! So Give A Way!!! thanks, Judy from OHIO

Comment by Judy Mervar Mon May 25 11:54:37 2009
I need to mark an end date on those giveaways --- unfortunately, that one ended a few months ago. Stay tuned, though, because we have new giveaways every few months!
Comment by anna Mon May 25 19:40:24 2009

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