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Amish rainwater collection
Posted Sun Sep 23 06:00:46 2018 by Anna
Planning to hoard water
Posted Tue Mar 20 06:00:10 2018 by Anna
Keeping the water running during a cold spell
Posted Sat Dec 30 07:00:13 2017 by Anna
Hybrid heat pump hot water heater
Posted Sat Sep 23 06:51:44 2017 by mark
Stratus rain gauge
Posted Mon Aug 7 15:17:38 2017 by mark
How to drill a well do it yourself style
Posted Sun Aug 6 15:07:33 2017 by mark
Using bathwater to irrigate the garden
Posted Thu Jul 20 06:38:08 2017 by Anna
Rain barrel corner mounting
Posted Tue Jun 6 15:07:44 2017 by mark
Rainwater catchment
Posted Mon May 8 06:49:44 2017 by Anna
Winterizing the rain barrel (or not)
Posted Thu Apr 6 07:03:46 2017 by Anna
The weight of water
Posted Fri Mar 24 15:48:00 2017 by mark
Re-insulating the inlet
Posted Wed Nov 23 07:33:06 2016 by Anna
Leak repair
Posted Fri Oct 28 15:41:35 2016 by mark
A Summer of tripod sprinkler experimentation
Posted Thu Oct 13 15:07:42 2016 by mark
Choosing a washing machine for a tiny home
Posted Sat Oct 8 07:31:33 2016 by Anna
Hose tape repair failure
Posted Sat Sep 17 14:14:57 2016 by mark
Gaffer tape instead of hose clamps
Posted Thu Jun 23 15:49:09 2016 by mark
A better way to elevate sprinklers
Posted Mon Jun 20 15:25:26 2016 by mark
Folding bathtub drainage
Posted Fri Feb 26 07:07:11 2016 by Anna
Folding bathtub
Posted Sat Jan 16 07:38:49 2016 by Anna
Goats and cats and rain-barrel pipes
Posted Mon Nov 23 07:08:42 2015 by Anna
Heated bucket chicken waterer
Posted Sat Oct 17 14:46:58 2015 by mark
Best stainless steel drinking water container?
Posted Mon Oct 5 15:55:00 2015 by mark
4 things I don't talk about
Posted Mon Jul 13 05:38:47 2015 by Anna
Adding automation to the drip irrigation system
Posted Thu Jun 4 15:49:31 2015 by mark
Catching rain water and rooting willows
Posted Tue Jun 2 07:38:53 2015 by Anna
Homesteading hula hoop?
Posted Mon Jun 1 15:56:14 2015 by mark
PEX tubing drip irrigation system
Posted Wed May 27 16:08:34 2015 by mark
New chick update 2015
Posted Sat May 16 19:20:32 2015 by mark
Sprinkler lubrication
Posted Mon May 4 15:20:38 2015 by mark
IBC water junction
Posted Sat Apr 25 19:01:08 2015 by mark
Mushroom log misting system
Posted Tue Apr 14 16:11:02 2015 by mark
IBC overflow elbow seal
Posted Sun Apr 12 14:24:42 2015 by mark
How much rain does it take to fill an IBC tank?
Posted Tue Apr 7 07:29:55 2015 by Anna
IBC rain barrel overflow elbow
Posted Sat Apr 4 15:04:11 2015 by mark
Extreme bend
Posted Tue Mar 31 15:55:09 2015 by mark
Mushroom tower scissor jack
Posted Mon Mar 30 16:00:34 2015 by mark
Mini mushroom log update
Posted Tue Mar 10 14:42:25 2015 by mark
Observing creek to estimate temperature
Posted Sun Feb 15 16:17:44 2015 by mark
Protecting wood well cover from moisture
Posted Sun Feb 8 14:39:13 2015 by mark
Ground Hog Day 2015
Posted Mon Feb 2 16:23:53 2015 by mark
IBC water tower update
Posted Sun Feb 1 15:36:50 2015 by mark
Drilling through a 4x4
Posted Sun Jan 25 12:50:44 2015 by mark
Support lumber
Posted Sat Jan 24 15:17:28 2015 by mark
Water tower strength for an IBC tank
Posted Thu Jan 22 07:48:03 2015 by Anna
Greywater wetland in winter
Posted Fri Dec 19 07:39:22 2014 by Anna
Anna's island
Posted Wed Dec 10 16:10:39 2014 by mark
Planning for goat water
Posted Thu Sep 18 07:17:52 2014 by Anna
How to fix a stuck pulsating sprinkler
Posted Wed Aug 6 07:02:43 2014 by Anna
Reinvisioning the forest garden (again)
Posted Sun Jul 27 07:48:25 2014 by Anna
Rain barrel overflow pipe
Posted Tue Jul 1 07:37:56 2014 by Anna
Quick and dirty rain-barrel installation
Posted Fri Jun 20 06:21:19 2014 by Anna
Will plumber's tape seal a rain barrel faucet?
Posted Thu Jun 19 16:02:26 2014 by mark
How much does it cost to build a rain barrel?
Posted Thu Jun 5 08:14:55 2014 by Anna
Rain barrel workshop
Posted Sat May 31 13:16:54 2014 by mark
Ducks and ponds
Posted Sat May 10 07:08:49 2014 by Anna
Ducklings' first swim
Posted Sun May 4 07:21:27 2014 by Anna
Sky pond awakes
Posted Sun Mar 16 07:49:50 2014 by Anna
Pump monitoring protocol
Posted Fri Feb 28 17:01:13 2014 by mark
Negative ten
Posted Thu Jan 30 05:48:36 2014 by Anna
Tank-filling protocol
Posted Thu Jan 16 08:07:35 2014 by Anna
Is a hot water heater fuel efficient?
Posted Sat Jan 11 08:28:47 2014 by Anna
Deeper freeze
Posted Thu Jan 9 08:27:33 2014 by Anna
Fixing the gutter and drying up the ground
Posted Sat Dec 7 07:36:03 2013 by Anna
Cold homestead
Posted Sat Nov 30 07:41:29 2013 by Anna
Raised beds parallel to the slope in soggy ground
Posted Thu Nov 14 07:32:55 2013 by Anna
Posted Wed Nov 13 16:07:24 2013 by Anna
Ditch experiment
Posted Wed Oct 23 07:55:51 2013 by Anna
The space-time continuum
Posted Wed Aug 21 07:07:50 2013 by Anna
Stocking an earthen pond
Posted Fri Aug 9 12:02:11 2013 by Anna
Sealing an earth pond
Posted Thu Aug 8 12:02:13 2013 by Anna
Types of earth ponds
Posted Wed Aug 7 12:01:13 2013 by Anna
Choosing the location for an earth pond
Posted Tue Aug 6 12:00:46 2013 by Anna
Earth Ponds
Posted Mon Aug 5 12:02:13 2013 by Anna
Bringing life to the sky pond
Posted Sun Aug 4 07:24:37 2013 by Anna
Channeling water into the sky pond
Posted Thu Aug 1 07:29:39 2013 by Anna
Experimental pond sealing, phase 1
Posted Tue Jul 30 07:17:23 2013 by Anna
Planning the gutter-overflow pond
Posted Mon Jul 29 07:22:19 2013 by Anna

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