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Egyptian onions for sale

Egyptian onionsSold out! Please check back in summer 2013.

You've found the right spot for buying Egyptian onion sets in bulk at a discount!  But don't bookmark this page and plan to come back later --- we're just a homesteading duo selling off a few spare top bulbs, and we will probably run out within days.  I'll be sure to update the page to let you know when our Egyptian onion bulbs are no longer available.

We grow nearly everything we eat, and blog about it extensively, so we're too busy at this time of year to sell our Egyptian Onion top-set bulbs a few at a time.  Instead, we're selling big masses of bulbs to serious gardeners who would like to create a perennial onion patch without waiting years for their Egyptian Onions to multiply.  Choose between two options:

100 Egyptian Onion top bulbs --- $25 (free shipping)

Sold out

100 bulbs will be enough to start a good-sized bed that will feed one or two average people.  Your package will contain small, medium, and large bulbs.
500 Egyptian Onion top bulbs --- $75 (free shipping)

Sold out

This size is for the grower who really wants to
feed an army, or a big family the first year.  Your package will contain small, medium, and large bulbs.

What are Egyptian Onions?
Egyptian Onions are perennials that multiply by creating small bulbs at the top of a leaf stalk, each of which can grow into a parent plant.  The onions are also known as Walking
Egyptian onion top bulbsOnions, since if you leave them alone, the stalks will bend down and plant new onions nearby.  As long as you don't overharvest your onions, you will find them to be a dependable source of green onions and leek-like bulbs for about 9 months out of the year, making them a great way to eat in season.

How do I grow Egyptian Onions?
Once you receive your bulbs, plant the Egyptian onions as soon as possible in good garden soil in full sun.  The very top of the bulb should be poking out of the ground, but the rest should be submerged.  Some people recommend planting them a foot apart, but I've found that my plants do well in raised beds spaced only about three inches between centers.  Leave the plants alone for a few months, then you should be able to start harvesting green onions in the middle of the fall through the winter.  By early summer next year, your plants should be putting up top bulbs, each of which can be planted to expand your patch.  Egyptian Onions grow well in zones 3 through 9 in full sun to light shade.

Butternut squash and egyptian onion soupHow do I eat Egyptian Onions?
To maintain a perennial patch, cut only every second or third leaf, making sure that the plant has enough green leaves to continue growing, then eat those leaves in any recipe that calls for chives or green onions.  You can also dig up entire bulbs in the winter to use in recipes that call for leeks, but you'll want to let all your plants keep their bulbs the first year.  Our favorite Egyptian Onion recipes are
Parsley and Green Onion Egg Salad and Butternut Squash and Egyptian Onion Soup.

What will come in my box?
Egyptian onion setsIf you order our Egyptian Onion sets, you will receive several clusters of top-set bulbs like those shown in the picture here.  I don't include the smallest bulbs when counting --- they may or may not grow --- so you will actually receive several more bulbs than you ordered.  Just break the clusters apart and plant each bulb singly.  Please bookmark this page so that you'll have growing and eating instructions to go with your bulbs.  Your onions will reach you in 6 to 10 business days.

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When will your onions be available in 2013?
Comment by Charlene Stott Tue Mar 12 11:49:00 2013
Charlene --- We will definitely have some looking for homes around June, but chances are we'll just give them away like we did last year. So, stay tuned to the blog and you might get some for free. :-)
Comment by anna Wed Mar 13 10:47:51 2013
would love to have some.
Comment by katie wells Sun Aug 4 01:53:17 2013

You mentioned in reply to an earlier post that you might have some onions available in Jun. Do you have any available for sale yet?

Thank you

Comment by James Sun Sep 8 14:32:17 2013
James --- For the last few years, we've been giving them away via contests on our blog in the middle of the summer. We're all out now, but if you keep reading, next summer likely you'll win some. (I often have enough onions for everybody who enters.)
Comment by anna Mon Sep 9 11:20:20 2013
when will you have walking onions for sale again.
Comment by Kellee Fri Apr 18 11:35:08 2014
Kellee --- We're still using our onions as giveaways. Stay tuned to the blog and you'll likely win some for free this summer. :-)
Comment by anna Fri Apr 18 18:06:46 2014
I would like to order some Egypt. walking onions. If you do not have them, can you tell me where I can get some? Thanks a bunch. - BR
Comment by Bonni Ruckr Sun Apr 19 12:58:11 2015

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