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What should I name our cookbook?

Cookbook coverAfter all of your good feedback on what I should write next...I decided to do something entirely different. My father's been telling me for years that I need to compile our recipes into an in-season, homegrown cookbook, and I've been ignoring him...but the time finally seemed right! Which means, you'll soon have several polished recipes in ebook form to enjoy in the near future. And, in the meantime, I'm in search of the perfect title.

Titles are my weak point, but they seem to make or break a non-fiction book. I could go with a boring, literal (but likely to capture keyword searchers) title like Locavore's Cookbook or In Season Cookbook. I could piggy-back on possible name-brand recognition with The Walden Effect Table or (if my publisher says it's okay) The Weekend Homesteader's Kitchen. Or I could go with something entirely outside-the-box...which I haven't come up with yet.

Feel free to submit your title suggestions using the comment form below. To sweeten the pot (and to continue cleaning out my bookshelves), if I choose your title, I'll mail you slightly used paperback copies of Moosewood Cookbook, Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning, and Wild Fermentation. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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About us: Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton spent over a decade living self-sufficiently in the mountains of Virginia before moving north to start over from scratch in the foothills of Ohio. They've experimented with permaculture, no-till gardening, trailersteading, home-based microbusinesses and much more, writing about their adventures in both blogs and books.

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Just In Time:Using in Season Produce to Fill Your Table

Also, I am loving reading about your work throughout the winter. It is keeping me motivated to fight this yucky weather and get stuff done. Thank you!

Comment by Patty Uveges Tue Dec 23 09:24:46 2014

The Homestead Habits Cookbook The Homegrown Homestead Cookbook The Walden Homestead Kitchen Reference The Walden Kitchen: a Locavore Homesteader's Guide

Comment by leos.mike Tue Dec 23 09:42:46 2014
How about "Cook Like You Actually Care"
Comment by Jonathan Tue Dec 23 09:57:09 2014
I actually really like The Weekend Homesteader's Kitchen - I feel like it hits all the points really succinctly.
Comment by SEH Tue Dec 23 11:14:39 2014

In Season: Grow it, Cook it, Eat it. Love your site.

Comment by Ellie Lightfoot Tue Dec 23 11:50:15 2014

Spice Your Life with Seasonal Cooking. Eating Through the Seasons; with snapshots of recipes. Our Kitchen, through the Seasons. A Year in the Walden Kitchen: Seasonal Cooking. I had to modify some of my first ideas, as they had already been used by someone else.

Comment by Christine S. Tue Dec 23 13:06:21 2014
anna hess come and get it.!!!!!!!!!!!! cook book tom
Comment by Anonymous Tue Dec 23 13:25:58 2014
hey what about 'to every season there is a meal'
Comment by mizztanya Tue Dec 23 17:22:13 2014

Healthy Seasonal Eating From Walden's Tempting Table

I've tried your recipe's....I know they are good. Looking forward to the book.


Comment by Edith Tue Dec 23 19:32:21 2014
Virginia Homestead Cookbook
Comment by Yamila Abraham Tue Dec 23 23:35:07 2014

Maybe something to suggest a companion volume to "Cooking the Working Chicken," like "Cooking the Working Tomato," or something.

Or "Cooking with the Walden Effect,"

or something more grandiose like "Culinary Delights of the Walden Effect."

I was originally going to say "Cooking the Weekend Homesteader," but I don't think that would come off quite right...

Comment by Jake Wed Dec 24 00:57:29 2014
You had me with your cookbook bribes. ;-) How about the The Walden Effect Kitchen or Cooking with the Walden Effect?
Comment by Brandy Wed Dec 24 06:11:43 2014
I was thinking of "DINNERS Made from the HOMESTEAD GARDEN" or "HOMESTEAD MEALS from the GARDEN".
Comment by john york Wed Dec 24 13:21:05 2014
Maximizing Seasonal Nutrition: Tasty In Season Cooking Focused on the Most Nutritious Vegetables OR The Paleo Homestead Cookbook: Seasonal Recipes from the Farm
Comment by Anonymous Wed Dec 24 16:27:14 2014
I think Yamila is on to something, because as locavores know, eating locally is all dependent on what grows nearby. "The Virginia Homestead Cookbook" does make it clear that your recipes are developed by what we grow here. It might limit your mass appeal to other US regions or internationally, or it could prove to become am invaluable resource to the population centers here in the Mid-Atlantic. I bet they would carry it at the Monticello bookstore too!
Comment by Karen B Wed Dec 24 18:25:22 2014
I suggested Virginia in the title because I'm from the deserts of the southwest and Virginia makes me think Good dirt. Loaded with nutrients. Earth worms. Dirt you could put on a plate and eat practically. Not this desert scrub brush crap all around me. Mentioning Virginia makes me think of 'earthy food.' I think exploiting your novelty location would help a cookbook. I wouldn't want to read a cookbook from Maine, Vermont, New York (would be to snooty), and what the heck has Delaware got going for it? But Virginia? Probably some good earthy food coming out of there.
Comment by Wed Dec 24 22:27:11 2014

Feasting on Life: A Homesteader's Collectibles (or Journey).

Imagine calling a farm "feasting on life farm"?! LOL!

Comment by Carol Thu Dec 25 00:13:43 2014
From Market to Table: The Tale of Locally Sourced Cuisine
Comment by Jamie Thu Dec 25 22:16:41 2014
Farmstead to Table
Comment by David Sat Dec 27 14:26:58 2014

From Backyard to Table: Recipes from the Homestead Garden Serve Your Garden: Recipes from the Walden Effect Homestead Cook Fresh: Recipes That Make the Most of Your Nutritious, Flavorful Homegrown Produce Homestead Cookery: Recipes for Fresh, Flavorful Farm Fare First, Plant the Beans… Recipes for Your Homegrown Garden Produce


Comment by Su Sun Dec 28 00:07:13 2014

Ok I have been reading your blog off and on for a couple years and never comment... but Titles are my thing. I have to post a comment. Did you want to keep your subtitle basically as is? Here goes:

Month-By-Month Meals: How to cook delicious food using in-season, local ingredients.

The EveryMeal Cookbook: How to cook delicious food using in-season, local ingredients.

Eating the Trailerstead: Cooking local in-season meals with Anna Hess.

Here for Dinner: Cooking local in-season meals with Anna Hess.

Changed your subtitle for the last two, just to play with it a bit...

Comment by Kiina Tue Dec 30 21:39:38 2014

David --- A slight variation of your title (Farmstead Table) appears to be the winner! If you're still reading, drop me an email at with your mailing address and I'll get your books to you ASAP.

Thanks to everyone for such excellent suggestions! It was hard to narrow them down to a single winner!

Comment by anna Fri Jan 2 09:56:34 2015

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