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Weekend Homesteader ready for prime time!

Weekend HomesteaderThe May edition of Weekend Homesteader is now available for 99 cents in Amazon's Kindle store!  The series presents a simple and cheap project for every weekend of the year to provide stepping stones on your path to true self-sufficiency.  As the introduction says:

This ebook, and others in the series, are full of short projects that you can use to dip your toes into the vast ocean of homesteading without getting overwhelmed.  They're geared toward folks who need to fit homesteading into a few hours each weekend and would like to have fun while doing it.  The projects cover growing your own food, eating the bounty, preparing for emergency power outages, and achieving financial independence.  You won't be completely deleting your reliance on the grocery store after reading this series, but you will be plucking low-hanging (and delicious!) fruits out of your own garden by the time the exercises are complete.

Since May has four and a half weekends, the first volume of the series has four and a half projects:
  • Planning your summer garden (with tips on the easiest vegetables to grow)
  • Making a kill mulch (and why no-till gardens are healthier)
  • Planting your summer garden (with information on when and how to plant)
  • Making a rain barrel (to collect free water for your garden)
  • Turning off your TV (and finding time for what really matters)
I've decided to offer Weekend Homesteader only on Amazon for now, even though I don't get very much cash from each sale there.  My hope is that I can talk enough of you into buying a copy so that the ebook will move up in the rankings and turn up when strangers browse for homesteading information.  Yes, it is all an evil plot to trick normal people into becoming weird homesteaders.  To that end, it would thrill me if you would:
  • Like buttonClick the "like" button near the top of the Amazon page even if you don't buy the book.
  • Scroll down near the bottom of the page to where it says "Tag this product."  Click on anything you want, but I'm aiming for "homesteading" and "self-sufficiency", and your vote there would really help.  (Again, no purchase necessary.)
  • Buy the ebook if you're interested.
  • Weekend Homesteader paperback
  • Leave a review, if at all possible.
  • Leave a comment on the Weekend Homesteader May resource page letting me know what you loved or hated about this first installment.  My advance reader says I'm preaching in the TV chapter, and I'd be curious to hear if that turned you off.  (I actually thought I was up on my soapbox more during the no-till chapter.)  Were the exercises too easy, too hard, or just right?  Did you have trouble with any part of the ebook?  I'll take what you say into consideration as I write the June volume.
  • Tell your friends!
As a side note, if you're one of our regular readers and are aching to follow along, but don't have a Kindle or the know-how to download their app for your computer or phone, drop me an email and I'll send you an unformatted pdf copy to read.  My goal isn't to leave you out, but to try to add more converts to the flock!

Thank you so much for taking the time to make Weekend Homesteader a success!

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It might be worth your while to produce a second product from this for the southern hemisphere, titled November. Or perhaps you could run with the non-hemisphere-ist "Late Spring", "Early Summer", "Mid Summer", "Late Summer", etc.

Dunno, just a thought. I'll be checking it out anyway. :-)

Comment by Darren (Green Change) Wed Apr 27 22:51:11 2011
That's great feedback! I'm not sure if my gardening advice would be accurate Down Under, but most of the rest of it should hold true. Going to put on my thinking cap about that....
Comment by anna Thu Apr 28 07:23:02 2011
I went to this page and marked the tags but there was no "like" button for me to click. I signed into my account and still no like button. Maybe I'm missing something?
Comment by Lisa Thu Apr 28 10:40:40 2011's so hard to tell with the internet. The like button might just not be showing up for you for some reason. It should be near the top, beside the picture and beneath the title. Thanks for trying!
Comment by anna Thu Apr 28 11:06:11 2011
How DO you do it?
Comment by Everett Thu Apr 28 12:39:41 2011
I think it's because I don't have a job or a bun in the oven. :-)
Comment by anna Thu Apr 28 12:47:54 2011

Was thinking about it some more last night, and thought maybe you could create a logo/graphic that showed a globe or map of the world, with May in the northern half and November in the southern half.

Or perhaps write "November" upside-down underneath the May :-).

I think pretty much all of your advice works fine in the southern hemisphere, especially for temperate zones. Most of it would still be fine for the sub-tropics even.

The biggest difference for me personally is that we don't get snow or even frost - but that usually just means I can ignore the more difficult parts of your projects! e.g. preventing chicken waterers from freezing, covering plants to stop frost damage, etc

Comment by Darren (Green Change) Thu Apr 28 18:01:47 2011
I love the globe idea! With the months on it --- May on top, November on the bottom. I'll have to mock that up and revise the image. Thanks for the wonderful idea (and for letting me steal your idea in the first place. :-) )
Comment by anna Thu Apr 28 19:07:17 2011

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