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We were too busy to celebrate the days, but September 14 marked the fourth anniversary of our move to the farm and September 26 marked the second anniversary of the Walden Effect!  We've met so many great people in that time period, both real live neighbors and virtual neighbors who've dropped by our blog --- 333,147 people have visited the Walden Effect from at least 200 countries and territories and have read over half a million pages between them.

Although we probably don't say it enough, we really value our readers.  You change the Walden Effect from our personal journal into a vibrant community as you share their experiences and knowledge.    Meanwhile, for all of you old and new readers, I wanted to give you a chance to ask us any questions that you've been pondering but which might have felt off topic or like we probably answered them before you started reading.  Leave a comment here or on facebook with your question and we'll make some posts to answer them in the near future.  If you're especially interested in hearing either Mark's or my take on a question, be sure to mention that too.
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While you're at it, feel free to make an account and a user page so that we'll know who you are.  If you happen to have a friend in Svalbard, Greenland, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Benin, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Equitorial Guinea, Eritrea, North Korea, or French Guiana, you'd make my day if you drop them an email and ask them to visit the Walden Effect to round out my world map.  And thanks for reading!

Our homemade chicken waterer funds our blogging and homesteading adventure.  If you haven't checked it out, now would be a great time to drop by that site too.

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About us: Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton spent over a decade living self-sufficiently in the mountains of Virginia before moving north to start over from scratch in the foothills of Ohio. They've experimented with permaculture, no-till gardening, trailersteading, home-based microbusinesses and much more, writing about their adventures in both blogs and books.

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Congratulations on your success and longevity! My questions: Obviously you love your land and home, but knowing what you know now, if you couldn't have the same property, what would you look for instead? Would you spend the same amount of money, get a smaller or larger property, move to another area, etc? Also, in hindsight what are the longer term things you wish you had started early on and what were the things that could have waited? Do you wish now that you had put up garden fences?

Comment by Lisa Tue Nov 30 11:38:56 2010
Is that visitorS or visits? Ie. a thousand hits each from your 25 closest relatives?
Comment by Errol Tue Nov 30 12:13:12 2010
Stay tuned for a post about them in the next couple of weeks.
Comment by anna Tue Nov 30 12:19:54 2010
Daddy --- That's unique visitors, but you have to figure that google's ability to keep track of a visitor lapses after a while (especially when they clear their cache) and people will inevitably get counted multiple times. So, take it with a grain of salt, and maybe divide by two for a really safe number of actual visitors.
Comment by anna Tue Nov 30 12:49:12 2010
We are a bit south of you in NW Georgia. We have a devil of a time growing pumpkins. I've been wondering what kind of luck you have had w/ them. I wonder if our humid climate is just not suitable for them. We do better w/ butternut squash, but pumpkins are lower in carbs which is a factor for us.
Comment by Rita Wed Dec 1 06:29:52 2010
Good question, Rita! I'll have to make a post about that. Stay tuned!
Comment by anna Wed Dec 1 11:43:38 2010

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