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Walden Effect calendar coming soon

Snow on the barnThose of you who don't follow our facebook page probably don't know that Walden Effect is coming out with a wall calendar this year.  Mark's step-mother makes family-history calendars for her clan and asked if we'd like her to make one for our readers.  We said sure!

The calendar is still being designed, so I can't tell you anything definitive yet, but we're envisioning it showcasing the best of our blog photos and also including a bit of text to keep you on the right homesteading track each month.  I'm writing very short summaries of each Weekend Homesteader project, and am also including a list of annual chores and events based roughly on this post (but generalized to only include tasks that are probably relevant to you).  We plan to include phases of the moon, meteor showers and eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, cross-quarter days, national holidays, and maybe some birthdays of permaculture-related folks (and a hobbit or two).

Gnatcatcher on peachIf we can find a cheap source of vegetable stickers, we'll also take one facebooker's suggestion and include a set of stickers so you can easily mark planting dates.  I'm considering including an insert with first and last frost dates for major cities across the country and charts showing how to use those dates to figure out your own planting times.

Anything else you'd like to see on a wall calendar?  I don't plant by the moon, so don't really feel I have enough experience to add biodynamic planting suggestions, but just about anything else will at least be considered.

Calendars will go on sale here around the first of November, and we're hoping to keep your cost down to $9.99 per calendar (maybe with $2 shipping per order?).  Right now, I'm thinking of playing it safe and printing only 200 calendars, so it would help to get a head count in the comments section, especially if you are thinking of ordering more than one.  The calendar will be glossy and pretty, a good gift for the gardener on your list!

(And a big thank-you to Jayne for being the driver behind this calendar project!)

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I'll definitely be ordering one; I think this would be a fantastic reference as I get started with our new homestead.
Comment by Amanda Tue Oct 1 14:46:59 2013
That sounds great! Count me in. I remember your last calendar so fondly.
Comment by Brandy Tue Oct 1 15:03:57 2013
I'd be in for two, possibly three depending on whose name I pick for Christmas...
Comment by Stephen Tue Oct 1 15:22:42 2013
One for me please !
Comment by Melisa McClellan Tue Oct 1 15:27:43 2013

Count me in for one!! Great idea!!

Comment by tom Tue Oct 1 15:41:23 2013
Just curious...will the calendar include Canadian national holidays and planting zones too, or are you keeping it just American?
Comment by Natalie Tue Oct 1 16:07:56 2013

Thank you to everyone for your excitement about the calendar! I've been having fun choosing pictures and am excited too. :-)

Natalie --- That's a good question. I hadn't thought about adding Canadian holidays, etc, but probably could. How much of the information we put on the blog works in your climate?

Comment by anna Tue Oct 1 18:53:25 2013
Most of it still applies to my climate, it's just tricky to figure out the timing. It occurred to me after I commented though, that I could just pick the nearest place in Michigan ( I'm right on the border) and use the information for that zone, rather than covering all kinds of zones that don't apply to most of your readers.
Comment by Natalie Tue Oct 1 19:03:41 2013
I know that I would like to order at least 1, but very likely 2! I'm very excited to see it.
Comment by Roberta Tue Oct 1 19:31:49 2013
I'm thinking one calendar, probably 2. Love following you and think the calendar would be really useful!
Comment by Pam Tue Oct 1 19:57:21 2013
I would like three.
Comment by Glenda Yu Tue Oct 1 20:59:29 2013

Great idea! Im in for one for sure. Please put your and Mark's birthdays!

Comment by Deb Wed Oct 2 01:19:00 2013

We'll put one up in our suburban condo and one in the homestead cabin to keep us on track! yaay!

~Karen B.

Comment by Karen Wed Oct 2 04:42:27 2013
I will take 2
Comment by Steve Wed Oct 2 07:17:13 2013
Yup I'll take one. Maybe seeing the calendar in my kitchen will get the rest of my extended family on board.
Comment by Donna Wed Oct 2 09:38:52 2013
Count me in for two, please!
Comment by Terry Wed Oct 2 13:31:08 2013
Awesome you guys. I read this and was happy to see you guys were considering my veggie sticker Idea. Maybe it's my fondness for stickers or planning, I dunno. Looking forward to ordering a calendar!
Comment by Heather Fri Oct 4 13:01:07 2013

Count me in for at least one, possibly two. Great idea!

Comment by Dusty Sat Oct 5 06:43:23 2013
Would love to have two. Count me in and thank you!
Comment by Marilyn from Missouri Sat Oct 5 08:16:30 2013

I think we want 4! Pretty sure Timnah's dad Ira will appreciate one! Hugs, Jay

Comment by Jay Sat Oct 5 13:09:00 2013
I am interested in a Calendar too! - Just one.
Comment by Jennifer Burns Mon Oct 7 10:54:31 2013
Count me in on a calendar as well..
Comment by James Mon Oct 7 18:26:57 2013

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