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Valentine's Day truce

valentines day straw bale surprise

Anna and I came to a Valentine's Day agreement when we started dating.

That first year I asked "Which would you prefer, a heart shaped box of chocolate, a dozen roses, or a nice dinner somewhere semi-fancy?"

She thought about it a bit and said "A heart shaped box implies chocolate should only be for special occasions, and I need chocolate almost every day. I cringe at cut flowers and prefer to enjoy them in the ground, and dinner out on a holiday sounds too crowded for my comfort level."

I was more than relieved to hear such a practical answer. We decided to start skipping the holiday and agreed that every day felt like Valentine's Day when you live in paradise with someone you love.

We managed to haul in another golf cart load of straw this morning before the ground thawed out. Turns out you can squeeze on 7 bales if you ratchet strap one to the back like in the photo above.

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Very profound (and smart)!

~ Mitsy

Comment by mountainstead [] Tue Feb 14 16:12:20 2012
I think I might have added something about "biomass is forever" in there too.... :-)
Comment by anna Tue Feb 14 16:18:19 2012
I made the exact same truce with my husband 34 years ago, and I've never regretted it. Love (like chocolate) is best when shared a little every day. And if you don't do that, there's no making up for it once a year.
Comment by Barb in CA Tue Feb 14 16:28:55 2012
My husband and I have never really bought into the whole valentines day or even sweetest day thing either. The farthest we go is a homemade sentiment, and little cards for the 3 year old DD to give her little friends. This year was slightly different because grandma gave DD a gift card to a local restaurant for her favorite noodles :P But its really nice to see someone else who makes no fuss over the day!
Comment by MamaHomesteader Tue Feb 14 17:33:09 2012
Tis a silly holiday. Who needs another holiday for buying more things made in another country. My husband and I are perfectly happy not celebrating Valentines day. Now if only I could convince my daughters school to do that
Comment by Sara Tue Feb 14 18:02:36 2012

Barb --- Very well said!

MamaHomesteader --- Glad to see another homesteader who feels the same way.

Sara --- Mark and I were just talking about how tricky Valentine's Day is with kids. The way elementary schools have kids celebrate the holiday is painful, at least in our memories.

Comment by anna Tue Feb 14 19:38:02 2012
So last year me and my girlfriend started something kind of along the same line. She likes flowers, but we both agreed that it doesn't make since to put money into something thats just going to die in a few days. So we decided that I'll let her pick out some flower seeds that she likes each year and then I will grow them for her over the summer. So it's like V-day for the better part of the year. :) Today we went on Baker Creeks website and she picked out some Poppys.
Comment by Justus Tue Feb 14 20:14:30 2012
Great compromise! I could see us doing something like that with fruit trees (my version of flowers...), but February's not the best time to plant them and I've already filled in just about all the gaps in the yard... :-)
Comment by anna Wed Feb 15 09:53:43 2012

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