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Turning in the manuscript

Weekend HomesteaderThe manuscript of Weekend Homesteader is officially done.  (Well, until my editor sends me revisions to look at.)  Depending on my technical prowess, the files will either be winding their way to New York via the internet today, or taking the slower mail approach on a CD.

Here are the highlights of the finished product:

Phew!  If you asked me today if I wanted to write another book, I'd say no.  But I suspect by next month I'll already be dreaming about the other ten projects in my idea notebook.

If you're just tuning in, you can download the second drafts of the first ten months on Amazon.  Weekend Homesteader: March is coming out next week, and there will be no Weekend Homesteader: April since the last few projects are intangibles I scattered through other months in the print book.  The print book will be a full color paperback due out in the fall.

Thanks for bearing with me!

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Yay, Anna! It takes such an incredible amount of discipline to complete a book-length manuscript, and you are to be commended for pulling it off. I have trouble completing a four-paragraph blog post sometimes. Looking forward to the release of the final product.
Comment by Debbi Fri Feb 17 09:08:19 2012
i've been coming to your site for years now and i'm so excited for you. it's not boring at all to hear about your publishing process. much like your farming projects, it's the closest i will ever get to publishing a book. such a fascinating journey. i hope you will be planning to autograph a few copies. :)
Comment by mizztanya Fri Feb 17 11:22:41 2012

Can't wait to add this to my homesteading bookshelf! Honestly, your site is pretty much the first resource I turn to when a homesteading-related questions pops into my head. Y'all are quite the amazing duo, and I look forward to many more moons of reading your adventures!

~ Mitsy

Comment by mountainstead [] Fri Feb 17 11:49:52 2012

Debbi --- Thanks for saying that! It sure did feel monumental at times. On the other hand, I sometimes have trouble finishing a four paragraph blog post too. :-)

Mizztanya --- So glad I'm not boring you! There will definitely be signed copies available as soon as they come into my grubby little hands. (I'll try to wash the garden dirt off before I sign them, though.)

Mitzy --- That's so nice of you to say! I've been enjoying reading your blog as well.

Comment by anna Fri Feb 17 11:54:54 2012

What did you use?

You shouldn't do an index by hand! If the editor or printer changes a little thing about the page layout, all your page numbers will be off.

LaTeX (or groff) could have done that for you with the makeindex program.

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Feb 17 13:12:03 2012
I love the pic. of the butterly on the coneflower. I know this post is about WORDS, but you alway have such great pictures to share with us. I really like the close-ups that show sprouts, bugs, worms, etc. Thank you!
Comment by Paula B. Fri Feb 17 13:20:27 2012

Roland --- I wrote it in openoffice. The index is all tagged to to specific parts of the manuscript, so when formatting changes, all you have to do is update the index, and all the numbers go back to the right places. I can't imagine the days when people did that by hand! It was hard enough with the right tools.

Paula B. --- It's about pictures too! All of those photos are ones I sent as possible cover photos, and they're in the text, so I'm glad you like them!

Comment by anna Fri Feb 17 13:38:24 2012
Congratulations. I check your blogs almost everyday. I learn a lot from them and really enjoy the reading. I can imagine the Weekend Homesteader will be the same.
Comment by Kevin Fri Feb 17 20:03:54 2012
Yea Anna!!!!!! I can't wait to see it in print! I second Misty, you are my go to on homesteading.
Comment by Emily Fri Feb 17 22:26:47 2012
Kevin and Emily --- Thank you! It's commenters like you who keep us writing. :-)
Comment by anna Sat Feb 18 17:29:24 2012

Very proud of you Anna for your spectacular talents and devotion to bringing your ideas, helps and thoughts to page! Cannot wait to see the finished project. Thanks also for the data on on your actuals against "the goals" - great info.

Comment by Jayne Sun Feb 19 17:38:11 2012
Your and Rose Nell's support has been invaluable and we're looking forward to sending you a signed copy of the book as soon as it shows up in my hands. :-)
Comment by anna Sun Feb 19 17:52:17 2012

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