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The haunted bridge of Dungannon

hanunted bridge Dungannon
I took this picture today in the middle of my evening walk with Lucy.

I've heard from four separate people around here that this bridge is haunted by an older lady wearing a long night gown, although I have yet to speak to anybody who's actually seen anything ghost like.

Maybe someday I'll get lucky and snap a picture of said ghost in the future, if there is actually any such thing?

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I was with Anna when she first looked over the land. We met a neighbor who mentioned said ghost lady. Weird.
Comment by Anonymous Wed Jan 28 17:56:39 2009
I didn't remember a neighbor mentioning the ghost lady then! That must have been Dick maybe? (Must have been the second time I visited the land, though --- I came the first time on my own!)
Comment by anna Wed Jan 28 18:43:15 2009
Hello, my name is Bryan, I was searching the net to see if this very bridge was ever put online by other curious people of its haunted stories. I'm placing this comment to let you know, I once lived very near this bridge, me and my sister and several friends practically walked to this bridge as often as we could. If you are wondering if this bridge is haunted then I'm telling you that it IS! On many occasion I and other known friends have seen and heard things at this site. the best time to see or hear these encounters is anytime between 1am and 4am. The way you must do this is to drive down, park your vehicle; turn lights off, and windows down with the engine turned off, and be very quiet. The old tale that you have been told about and older lady is correct, if you look to your left about 50 to 100 feet beyond the bridge in the dungannon direction you will see an old chimney amongst other things. That spot is or was a house that stood there where she once lived and what I have been told is her name is Elle and she was known as a witch, again I have no actual fact on that, it was only what I was told, but supposedly she summoned several demons and water whichs runs under the bridge is a type of gateway between worlds and that is why the bridge remains a haunted area. I thought I would leave this rather informed and large comment in hopes that you may check this out. If you want to contact me my e-mail is: My name is Bryan, thank you and good luck, Later!
Comment by Bryan Hall Tue Aug 24 23:48:09 2010
Thanks for giving our ghost lady a name and fleshing out her story. A water witch sounds right up my alley. :-)
Comment by anna Wed Aug 25 10:39:20 2010

I cant believe that after 20 some years after what happened to my cousin and I that this story is living on. I stumbled across this page after looking for something else. But I can tell you with 100 percent truth that the story of the bridge is true and im here to say the original story of what happened at the bridge happened to my cousin and I about 22 years ago. How this whole story took place would take way to long to type on here but I can tell you the lady that died down at the bridge name is Ellie but what we seen that night was not a little ghostly old lady. Would love to tell exactly how everything happend but I will say this, spirits are real and demons are real and if you go looking for them you will find them. This thing at the bridge came up to me and I stood toe to toe with what I can only describe as black spirit that had a man build and I watched as it keep getting closer and closer ,

appearing and disappearing as it got closer and closer until it finally took one last step and was standing straight in front of me. Theres so much to this story but ill just end it by saying theres something besides us, theres dimensions besides what we see and ill argue with anybody that says different, my cousin standing beside me seen everything I seen and it really opened my eyes to that other dimension and after that night I dont ever have to wonder again.

Comment by D Sat Sep 13 14:49:08 2014
I went to tha same bridge late at night with my ex and two friends and we walked down to tha chimney and didn't see or hear anything but when we got back up to tha road we started cussing tha old woman and all of a sudden tha headlights on our car started blinking
Comment by mommy of two-year Fri Dec 12 02:29:08 2014
i do believe there is some presence there dont know if it is evil or not but from experiencing myself they is something deffinately there me and my two children and two of my close friends went there one night around the 1 am mark we stopped my car and turnned the lights off all of a sudden not even 5 min went by and it started getting very cold this i remind you who read this was in the middle of the summer so it shouldnt have been cold from a far off distance i could hear what sounded like human cries like they were in pain my friends also heard them too so we didnt stick around much longer but i will say this they say that the woman who haunts this place was indeed a water witch i looked up some data on those things before we went there and some of the symbols of a water witch when we went was on the right side of the bridge very faint but you could still see the markings as for me i truely believe she is there even though i never saw her i get chills even to this day from this experience so i say this to the spirit who is there may you rest in peace all events i have talked about happened recently no more than a year ago
Comment by Anonymous Mon Jun 6 22:34:12 2016

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