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Teva bottom flop repair

using JB weld to repair old Teva sandals

Anna is the only woman I've met who does not like to buy shoes. When she finds a pair that works she hangs on to the bitter end.

Hopefully this JB weld epoxy will work at fixing the bottom flap problem and add a few miles to what's already been a longer than normal run for medium grade sandals.

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For repairing shoes, really nothing beats shoe goo
Comment by John Thu Jul 3 15:45:59 2014
I agree shoe goo has strength and stretch - It works. Smell indicates toxic as all get out but again it works and I'm always game to attempt a fix & use of pressure clamps.
Comment by Jim Thu Jul 3 16:39:50 2014

For just about everything (except maybe books). :)

My husband and I had an Amway rep try to recruit us, and I could just see the guy sweating as he searched for something he could sell us that we wanted. He didn't find anything.

Comment by Emily from Bristol Thu Jul 3 16:43:31 2014

Most epoxy adhesives I know are too brittle to repair soles. An elastomer adhesive like e.g. "shoo goo" will probably work better.

My first pair of Teva's lasted for over 15 year before the velcro gave out. I'm on my second pair now. But I generally only use them in the summer.

Comment by Roland_Smith Thu Jul 3 18:12:55 2014

@Jim: Shoo goo contains mainly toluene as the solvent (according to the safety data sheet). AFAICT, it is not all that dangerous. No oral or dermal affects were found up to exposures of 5 g/kg body mass. Inhaling a significant amount can make you dizzy, nauseous and gives you a headache. But those symptoms disappear after exposure stops. The smell threshold for most people is around 8 ppm, which is about 1/20 of the lowest 15 minute exposure limit I could find.

Comment by Roland_Smith Thu Jul 3 18:36:33 2014
Another woman who does not like to buy shoes! Mostly because I wear shoes for comfort and not appearance. I wear the same Birkenstock sandals every day in warm weather and the same birkenstock clogs every day in cold weather. I have a pair of boots for yard work and snow days. Not being a slave to fashion is very frugal!
Comment by Andrea Fri Jul 4 11:21:11 2014

just sent this to the VP of the company -


update after abusing the teva's yesterday.

did a bunch of calf stretches by standing on a ladder and hanging back from the forward end of the sandals.

did a lot of jumprope while using a jumping-jack motion and criss-crossing my legs to put as big a sideload strain on 'em as I could. jumped up and down on the ladder steps. ran around.

no problem with the repair.

however... while standing on one leg, lifting the other up behind me and repeatedly kicking/slamming the front of the sandals into the pool deck, HARD, I was able to slightly separate sections about 1/4" deep and maybe 1 1/2 inches across.

other than that, all of the rather large repaired areas held fast.

I reglued the small sections last night.

I do believe that if I use these as a normal human and not an absolute moron, they are fixed for good.

I've tried 3m 5200 super sealant, 3m 9460 super-duper 2 sided industrial tape, other tapes, other glues and had zero luck.

your product is clearly a winner.

thank you very, very much.


Comment by tom papp Mon May 15 08:56:52 2017
Just wanted to add, that I tried Tom's shoe Glue, on my Teva's and it seems to be working so far, just as reported!
Comment by russ Fri Apr 20 14:23:17 2018

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