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Testing the wireless deer fence

Wireless deer fence field testing day 1

The folks at wireless deer asked us if we would give their battery operated deer deterrent a try and we said sure.

It runs on 2 AA batteries and comes with a pack of scented sections of rubber hose that fits on top of the blue center piece.

I pointed the trail camera towards the area, and maybe if were lucky we might catch some of the electric excitement. Their website mentions how they'll pay for video footage of the wireless deer fence in action. You get 3 stakes, plus the attractant for 60 dollars and that includes shipping. It comes with a 2 year unconditional guarantee. We just put them in today, so stay tuned for a full report on how we think it works at keeping those garden nibblers away from our vegetables.

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For $60 for three they had better work well! I will be anxious to hear how well they do work.
Comment by Sheila Fri May 4 23:04:34 2012
Won't the deer quickly learn to avoid the scented posts and just move on to the crops? Your experience should prove interesting.We'll be watching.
Comment by doc Sat May 5 10:33:55 2012

Sheila --- We'll definitely report back! We haven't seen any deer signs in the garden this spring, but they're always just waiting to encroach and one did come down the hill toward the garden while I was out weeding last week. We'll definitely post again once we have some data.

Doc --- The deterrent is not a typical scent-based one or I wouldn't even try it. Instead, the scent is an attractant, which makes the deer want to lick it, and then the electrodes shock their sensitive noses or tongues. It's the shock that's supposed to train them to stay away.

Comment by anna Sat May 5 13:34:45 2012
Won't the deer quickly learn to avoid the scented posts and just move on to the crops? Your experience should prove interesting.We'll be watching.
Comment by doc Sat May 5 16:40:59 2012
Doc --- We've noticed with our dog, that a shock can be a serious deterrent. When we set up the K-9 shocker around the chicken pasture the first year, her nose hit it and then she gave that area a 20 foot berth for at least sixth months. I'd expect a similar reaction from deer. But we'll have to wait and see if the scent is good enough to lure them in to get shocked!
Comment by anna Sat May 5 18:57:43 2012

The wireless deer fence from Havahart works amazingly. I have vegetables growing in my back yard and the deers were destroying them. I opted for buying this product and it has worked very well. The good thing about this product is that it is portable and very easy to use. I didn't think a scent was going to keep deers away but it sure did. Also, the chemical doesn't harm the animal. I bought it through

Comment by James Mckenzie Thu Sep 27 18:29:13 2012
Wireless Deer Fence is a registered trademark and the comment by James Mckenzie calling the Havahart product wireless deer fence is in violation of my trademark. The Havahart product is not the same as the real Wireless Deer Fence and should not be confused. I have tested the Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer and have not had any good results.
Comment by Keith Betzen Sun Mar 3 04:47:15 2013
Keith Betzen is a registered trademark and the comment by Keith Betzen(TM) whining about his garbage product trademark is in violation of my trademark. Also, the wireless deer fence will soon be sued for false advertising as a fence when it clearly falls under the "battery operated venison shocking apparatuses" category. You'll be hearing from my lawers at Keith Betzen(TM) industries.
Comment by Mike Hunt Sun Apr 7 10:21:15 2013
So when you search to find out if stuff works - its all fake reviews now. These comments from the "sellers" prove that. I bet all the other comments are fake also... I am not surprised.
Comment by Ihatedeer Thu May 22 14:45:24 2014

Answer to comments by Michael Hunt. I don't know why people have to be so hateful. I do indeed have a registered trademark on "Wireless Deer Fence" and I can call my product a wireless deer fence because that is what it is, just like a wireless dog fence can be called that. Regarding comments by Ihatedeer, there are no fake reviews that we have ever published. Actually, we have some very bad ones on Amazon because the product does not work in all circumstances. However it does have a 2 year guarantee and our return rate for 2015 was less than 2% so most people have been happy. See reviews on out website They are all real. If you want to see a comparison between Havahart's product and the Wireless Deer Fence search on "deer fence Havahart". Keith

Comment by Keith Betzen DVM Tue Jun 27 22:54:39 2017

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