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Sweet stranger

visitor to the farm

We had a lost dog show up in our barn this morning...again.

The last time this happened was with a nice pit bull back before we had a phone. We posted a picture in the post office with our not so easy to find address. A guy showed up a few days later looking for his Dixie. She was a cutie.

I'm guessing this dog is someone's hunting helper. He had a collar with what I assume is his owner's name and phone number, but the number was disconnected.

Lucy seems to be taking it in stride. We sometimes worry about her social skills around other dogs. She works hard at keeping a small pack of wild dogs that roam our woods from getting too close, but clearly this guy is different. If I didn't know any better I'd think Lucy might be a little sweet on him.

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He sure is a handsome fellow to be sweet on. I'm hoping someone did not move and leave him behind. I've heard of people doing that but I can't imagine being that cruel. Then again, if someone would do that, the dog would be better off without them. Hope it works out.
Comment by Heather Wed Jan 18 20:29:03 2012

Dogs need dog friends. I don't blame Lucy for wanting a friend or lover. She is cooped up and bossed around by chickens, cats, and humans. I've been there in strawberry season. Sometimes I think Lucy is at the bottom of the hierarchy even beneath the strawberry vines.

Now you ask Mom if you don't believe me. Raising a dog without friends is like an only child who meets kids for the first time at like age 14. It would suck!


Comment by Maggie Hess Thu Jan 19 01:06:12 2012
We had a neighbor at the farm about Dani's age named David Hall. Could it be the same one?
Comment by Errol Thu Jan 19 08:53:10 2012

Heather --- Our best guess is that he's a young hunting dog who got lost on the job. People do drop off a lot of stray dogs on our road, but this guy looks like he got lost, not abandoned.

Maggie --- To the untrained eye, it may look like Lucy has a hard life, but she's an ecstatically happy working dog. (And she's really near the top of the totem, just below me and Mark. Ask Huckleberry!)

Daddy --- This is actually David Hale, so probably different. Unfortunately, the number doesn't work (or I wouldn't have published it on the internet.) We're currently calling all the Hale's in a three county area, plus all the vets and pounds. We're going to find that David Hale!

Comment by anna Thu Jan 19 10:42:15 2012
Hale is a common name around there I think.
Comment by Maggie Thu Jan 19 16:24:56 2012
The phone book seems to agree. For a county with only 23,000 people in it, there are a remarkable number of Hales in the phone book.
Comment by anna Thu Jan 19 16:34:22 2012

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