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Stomping, leaping, crazy goat

Grazing goat

Has anyone out there ever dealt with goat external parasites? I think Aurora must have picked up some kind of biters, because she's been acting funny for the last few days. She'll be grazing quite happily...then she leaps and stomps and runs as if trying to evade a wasp. Unfortunately, there never is a wasp, so she can't escape.

Have any of you experienced goatkeepers dealt with anything similar? The internet suggests that if we do have some kind of external parasite, we could try shaving her, treating her with diatomaceous earth or various insecticides, or just leaving her alone on the theory it'll likely go away on its own.

Pre Beloved-goat-fading-away-to-die-a-terrible-death Anna would have shrugged and figured Aurora would fight it off on her own, while Post Bcfatdatd Anna is considering setting up a vet appointment for what is likely only a minor ailment. Reality checks accepted and appreciated.

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I would call the vet. Better safe than sorry.
Comment by Pam Kaufman Thu Mar 23 10:14:10 2017
If you were in Texas I would say fireants!They are horrible and when they attack that is typical reaction of animal.Could y'all have a similiar pest?
Comment by wen Thu Mar 23 13:37:59 2017
Agree-- better safe than sorry, plus good to know what parasites may be hanging around in the yard for all the animals--4 & 2 legged.🙂
Comment by Jean Thu Mar 23 16:51:56 2017
Since she is part Nigerian, she may be having her first heat.
Comment by Another Julie Thu Mar 23 18:24:39 2017
One of our cashmere wethers had terrible goat lice. His coat was coarse and patchy and his skin was thick and scaly around his tail. They are tiny reddish bugs, visible with the naked eye. The vet gave us permethrin powder to dust all the animals with. It's nasty, toxic stuff, but he was really suffering. We dusted every week for a couple of months but he never seemed to get better until I fed him some copper boluses. The other goat and the sheep never seemed to suffer with the lice like he did. I assume he had a nutritional problem that left him vulnerable. He's better now, but still kinda crappy looking. Su
Comment by Su Chism Fri Mar 24 21:08:33 2017
I truly am very sorry about the loss of Lucy. I know that she was a very special dog and that you both have suffered a great loss. Again I am sorry. Per goats parasites - if you put cedar in their living area - the barn - that often helps get rid of parasites for chickens and cows. Just don't put it somewhere where they will eat it. Maybe a cedar log that they can jump on. The cedar oil often helps rid areas of bugs. That is why we use cedar in closets to rid them of moths.
Comment by Sue Ella Kobak Mon Mar 27 19:46:44 2017

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