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Square horse manure

gallons and gallons of horse manure

This is the maximum amount of buckets we can fit in a truck or trailer.

I was thinking the other day on the possibility of using square buckets to take advantage of that space in between.

Square buckets can cost as much as 3 times or more what a round one goes for, and they'd have to be mail ordered, which would add even more to the price tag. The increase in loading capacity might be worth it to some, but I would want to see how well they stacked on to each other when empty before taking such a plunge.

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Have your friends and family save the square laundry soap buckets for you.

I also get the 4 or 5 gallon buckets for free at the bakerys around town.

Comment by Mona Sat Aug 25 17:40:43 2012
Mona --- I see kitty litter buckets floating around sometimes that are square too. I don't think I know anyone who gets laundry detergent in big buckets.
Comment by anna Sat Aug 25 19:54:30 2012
Many cat litter buckets are not UV stabilized and will weaken and crack with about one years sun. But they may be found free if you can find a good source. Just store them in the barn.
Comment by Jim Sat Aug 25 22:59:40 2012
Have you considered square garbage cans? They meet the 'no round edges' requirement, most outlets sell them, they often come with wheels, although cheap ones and are realatively inexpensive.
Comment by Tom Sun Aug 26 01:46:41 2012

Jim --- Good tip! We need to start storing all of our buckets in the barn, actually, now that Mark has it pretty well organized. It can't hurt....

Tom --- We actually have four of those big wheeled garbage cans leftover from our school worm bin project. But I'm not sure we could manhandle them onto the golf cart if full of manure. It definitely would drastically increase our manure hauling capacity, though. I'll have to ponder that....

Comment by anna Sun Aug 26 08:51:30 2012

You could also check out your local grocery store, doughnut shop/bakery, restaurant... Anywhere they use bulk amounts of ingredients usually has food-grade pails for free (or next to nothing: )
I distrust "UV resistant" plastics - like, what EXACTLY does that mean, anyway??? 'Way better to store pails out of the sun regardless.

Comment by Deb W Sun Aug 26 23:40:13 2012
Deb --- I'm not sure if they make food grade, UV resistant pails or not. You've got a good point that the UV resistance might make the pails less safe. On the other hand, if you're only hauling manure in them for half an hour before pouring the contents out, I'm not sure the chemicals are going to make a difference.
Comment by anna Mon Aug 27 08:05:54 2012

These substances are added to plastics to absorb UV radiation before it breaks a chain in the plastic molecule or to absorb the free radicals that form after a chain is broken.

Active stabilizers are e.g. benzophenone and benzotriazole compounds or hindered amines. These are generally used in concentrations in the order of 0.1%. I could find no adverse health effects for the typical concentrations used.

Inorganic pigments like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide also reflect, scatter and absorb UV light. Titanium dioxide is harmless under normal conditions as long as the particles are not too small (it is also used in sunscreen and as a food colorant) and the most used pigment worldwide.

Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Aug 27 14:40:28 2012
Roland --- Thanks for chiming in! I appreciate you being willing to look up the MSDS and interpret. :-)
Comment by anna Mon Aug 27 16:35:46 2012

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