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Speaking about no-till gardening at the library

Library talk

There are a few people in my life I just can't say no to, so when our local librarian asked me to give a talk to their Friends of the Library group, I hemmed and I hawed, but I finally agreed.  I didn't announce it here because I figured a smaller group would be less scary, but Mark did record the audio to share with our readers after the fact.

The sound quality is low because the only electrical plug was at the back of the room, but some of you might enjoy listening anyway.  You can either download the file (on the large side) or listen below:

Sorry, long distance readers don't get free Egyptian onions, nor do they get to partake of the amazing spread the library patrons brought to share.  But maybe you'll still get a kick out of hearing me proselytizing about no-till gardening.

Edited to add: Roland did some fancy computer work and filtered out most of the obnoxious buzz, so the file should now sound much better.  Thanks, Roland!

Our chicken waterer was also a hit, although none of the attendees had talked their husbands into letting them get started with their own flock...yet.

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I felt like I was really there, listening to your talk! Maybe you can do a follow-up sometime before the first ripe tomato, to compare notes? And maybe some of them remember what their parents or grandparents used to do? If you have extra veggies, have you ever thought of donating to a Second Harvest, or just having a vegetable swap? Does St. Paul have a Farmers Mkt? It's neat that you do have a book, since not everything is easily accessible on-line. There ARE real reasons for keeping "hard copies" of books!!
Comment by adrianne Fri May 10 12:00:48 2013

Mom --- I know you would have liked to have seen it live, and I almost invited you --- I'm glad you enjoyed listening online at least! You would have really liked the Friends of the Library (and librarians) there.

St. Paul does have a farmer's market, but it's small. When we have extra, we prefer to just give it away....

Comment by anna Fri May 10 13:40:16 2013
Thank you so very much for posting the talk online!
Comment by Renee Fri May 10 15:52:58 2013

They have discovered another benefit of mycorrhizal networks, communication between plants to warn of damaging insects:

Comment by Michael Fri May 10 16:16:58 2013

Well done. The talk is nicely structured and well presented. It sounds like you've done public speaking before?

The sound could stand some improvement as you say. There is a noticable 60 Hz note in there from the recording device or maybe nearby AC powered equipment. As a learning experience I wrote a program that can remove that tone and applies a low- and high-frequency filter. I'll mail you a filtered sample of the talk.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sat May 11 15:08:12 2013

For those who are interested, an explanation of how I did this can be found here.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun May 12 18:37:43 2013

your blab is one of my favorite things to listen to.


Comment by Maggie Sun May 19 06:01:42 2013

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