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Should we consider selling the blog with the farm?

Drawing by Anna.
Would you consider selling the blog with the farm?

Yes. For the right price we would sell the blog and domain name that makes up the WaldenEffect brand.

Our main objective for this blog has always been to function as a journal to record and share our homesteading adventure. We've dabbled a bit in monetizing it with Google ads on the side and the occasional Amazon link when it involved products we used but never really tried to turn it into a full blown money maker.

Stay tuned for more on this after I do some more research.

We would be very interested in hearing what long time readers think of this idea?

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About us: Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton spent over a decade living self-sufficiently in the mountains of Virginia before moving north to start over from scratch in the foothills of Ohio. They've experimented with permaculture, no-till gardening, trailersteading, home-based microbusinesses and much more, writing about their adventures in both blogs and books.

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In my opinion value of any blog lies in the contributions from the writers and commenters (the community if you will). That is not something you can sell, really.

Nevertheless, some domain names have been sold for a lot of money. As the saying goes "a fool and his money are soon parted".

It has been interesting to follow your adventures over the years, especially because it is not a path I would choose myself. Would I still follow this blog if it was sold? That would depend on what the new owner does with it.

Since you own the copyright on your posts, you can sell those to whomever you please. But that doesn't mean you own the copyright on the comments. Personally I would not object to releasing my comments under a creative commons attribution noncommercial license.

Comment by Roland_Smith Tue Aug 29 11:37:33 2017

Hi Roland,

I agree. Some of the comments, I would like to have access to. And of course if copyright applies which is most probably does, that copyright is not owned by this site but by the comment's authors.

Or said another way: "We are here from the government and we are here to help."

The best remark I read on this subject by far was pretty simple. " Information wants to be free. "

Just ask the Google Giggle and pay their price!


Comment by John Tue Aug 29 14:33:49 2017

My husband is in tech sales. It's the kind of market in which a salesperson can try to take his/her clients along, if the salesperson moves to a new company. To me, this sounds similar in that you might sell the company/blog but try to take your readership to the new blog with you (There WILL be a new blog, yes??!!). I would be happy to follow you to the new blog, but would all your previous posts then remain at and therefore become the property of the new guy? That would probably be sorta less than ideal, but not tragic. Mostly I'm hoping to continue to be a reader of yours wherever you go.

Comment by jennifer Tue Aug 29 16:48:15 2017
Everybody --- Interesting thoughts! After talking it over with Mark, we're leaning away from selling the blog. However, we might be open to adding another set of homesteaders onto the Walden Effect team if someone likeminded buys the property. Then readers could keep enjoying what becomes of this property while also following me and Mark to Ohio, all in the same place!
Comment by anna Tue Aug 29 16:53:23 2017

Anna and Mark,

Please do not sell YOUR blog. It has been such a pleasure every evening to read what you are doing, that to sell it to another person/couple would not be the same. My preference is for you to keep the blog going as you move into another life style. I want to hear what the two of you are doing, different, similar, or whatever, it is my bedtime reading every evining!!!


Comment by Sheila Tue Aug 29 22:23:06 2017
I'm sure that if another set of homesteaders buys your property and are interested in sharing their adventures, they can very easily start their own blog with a link to your blog and vice versa.
Comment by Nayan Tue Aug 29 23:02:44 2017
I follow the blog because of you two, living this amazing life and sharing your adventures, as you experiment with what does and does not work. If you sell, then, okay; but will you start another blog so we can continue learning from you? and sharing with you what you are willing to share with us?
Comment by hilary Wed Aug 30 13:41:41 2017
This is quite a resource you've built up. I'm not sure I'd trust anyone else to give it the same care and maintenance that you do, and I'd hate (somewhat selfishly, I'll admit) to see it decay.
Comment by Jake Thu Aug 31 00:06:58 2017

Interesting question- I want to know if Chris is actually interested in making an offer on the property?

The fact is although Mark and Anna would probably like to sell the place to like minded folk who would use the property exactly as they have, the reality is it will be sold to someone who has a reasonable offer- I am sure they would need the money from this sale to develop the next place!

There is a good possibility this place could become a hunting camp for someone. As a realtor I would market it towards that- the average person looking for a place off the beaten track would likely find a mobile home that one must ford a creek or use an ATV to access to be a bit rougher than they envisioned. But to someone wanting a weekend hunting camp it's perfect.

My folks sold the place they built in the 70's and down sized, the new owners abandoned the composting outhouse and the solar water collector, put a big addition on the back of the place, and added central heat. This all distressed my mother but the fact is once you sell it it ain't yours to dictate what it is used for anymore!

Comment by Eric Thu Aug 31 06:06:35 2017

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