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Permit to kill an out of season deer

2011 kill permit for deer eating our garden

1. Call the D.G.I.F. office in the state capital. Did that on Monday.

2. Explain situation to dispatcher who passes message along to the actual warden.

3. Wait.....and wait some more....and then call again on Wednesday.

Our local game warden called us back that same day to set up a time to meet. He was free and in the area so I agreed to meet him out at the mailbox. He was very professional and courteous and sort of interviewed me there in our driveway. I guess I proved to him that I was an exasperated gardener and not some blood thirsty hunter who couldn't wait til deer season started. He decided to give me the permit without walking back to actually inspect the damage and took some time to explain how a kill permit works.

1. No Bucks!...that seemed to be one of the more important distinctions.

2. It's the only time you are legally allowed to use spotlights to hunt deer.

3. We've only got 10 days....and no hunting on Sunday.
Anna and I taking a deer home from the kill
I asked him why no hunting on Sundays? He just shrugged and said "Something to do with the blue laws." I imagined a scene of church pews being almost empty during hunting season before these laws were enacted, which I guess is what would prompt such a law.

The picture to the right here is Anna's very first deer back in 2009. I have a feeling we'll be carrying her second home within the next 9 days.

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Look at you! Never thought I would see such a thing, but hey--free local food! And think of all your wonderful veggies that helped grow her. :-)
Comment by Brandy Fri Aug 12 15:47:33 2011
While I know you two arent the biggest hunters, I gotta say good luck with your special permit. If anything it will give you practice for the fall season and keep the deer out of your garden. If Mark decides to try his hand at tanning the hide after harvest, Ive got a few youtube videos I use and recommend. Stock up your freezer and aim true!
Comment by David Z Fri Aug 12 15:53:11 2011

Brandy --- Well, that's the deer I killed two years ago. Let's hope I do as well this time!

David --- Thank you --- I definitely need the good luck!

Comment by anna Fri Aug 12 20:03:58 2011

I didn't know those permits were only for ten days; I thought they were for the whole year. I guess you'd better get to shooting!

The good news is that deer aren't shy this time of year. It always seems that they're everywhere and then the day hunting season opens they just magically vanish for a few months.

Good luck!


Comment by Everett Mon Aug 15 09:53:57 2011
It seemed like the game warden has power to decide how much or how little time to give us. Maybe he just gave us 10 days because he wanted to shut us up but didn't think we could kill a deer in that time. (Could be right... :-) )
Comment by anna Mon Aug 15 20:04:37 2011

That means ten days of shooting, so if you don't get a clear shot at a deer, you don't waste a day! Happy hunting, Tom amateur game warden (of my own back yard).

Comment by TomAss Sat Sep 3 18:01:19 2011
Unfortunately, what we were actually given was a span of dates, not the words "ten days."
Comment by anna Sat Sep 3 19:00:49 2011

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