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Nest box failure

close up of a chicken in a coop with chickens in the background

The new indoor nest box was a failure due to multiple birds using it as a sleeping roost.

Everything was fine for the first few nights, but eventually all the extra weight took its toll on the plastic structure and it collapsed onto the floor.

My new goal is to improve the night time roosting options by adding some sort of corner perch a bit higher up than the one shown in the picture and about twice as thick and sturdy....maybe a 2x4 with the edge rounded.

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You might try ripping 2x4 to 2x2 as that should be more the adequate for the job. I have seen roosts made from 1x2 also, and they seemed to work well. Just keep them far enough apart that they are easily cleaned off. Are you putting straw or wood chips down for ease of cleaning? It's good for the compost pile, and helps keep it sweet smelling.

When I was a kid I hated cleaning the chicken coop. It was pure ammonia and lots of scorpions(small red ones). Glad I'm like Dorothy and not in Kansas anymore (actually Oklahoma).

Comment by vester Tue Nov 30 19:01:49 2010

Yup, we're using straw/leaves/whatever carbon I get my hands on for the floor of the coop. I'm already looking forward to the luscious compost in the spring. :-)

Thanks for the roost tips!

Comment by anna Tue Nov 30 19:26:59 2010

Our site has created the ultimate nesting box! To solve the roosting/making a mess problem the top of our nesting box has a steep slope to prevent them from getting on top of it.

Out nesting boxes are completely paint/stain-able or you could simply use it as is. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The nesting boxes are made by and with the same master craftsmanship that builds our Automatic Chicken Coop Doors and the same premium lumber. We made sure that these nesting boxes will last you longer than any other nesting box ever would.

Our nesting boxes are made with a flange where they easily puzzle together on top of each other and stack as high as you wish for them to. You can stack them in rows of many and as high as you want. You can make your own chicken city! We even created a sturdy front porch on the fronts of the nesting boxes to help the chicken's hop from box to box and we even took the time to bevel the edges on it to protect their little feet.

We recently decided to begin building these same nesting boxes and make them available to sell on our site. When you invest in something like chickens/eggs, you want to protect your investment. These excellent, American Made quality nesting boxes will do just that. Come check it out!

Jeremy Smith

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Comment by Jeremy Smith Tue Aug 2 13:50:59 2011
We enjoyed trying out your automatic chicken door and would love to give your nest box a try too. Our current egg crate arrangement is working now that I added some golf balls to sweeten the pot, but I'm sure our girls would enjoy an upgrade. :-)
Comment by anna Tue Aug 2 15:17:30 2011

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