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In memory of Lucy


Lucy died Saturday night at the ripe old age of twelve and a half. She was the kind of dog who turned cat people into dog people, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. She was...

Swimming dog
a swimmer of floods...

Stealer of firewood
a stealer of firewood...

Dog chewing stick
a chewer of sticks...

Dog with rat
a killer of rats...

Dog sniffing chick
a protector of farm animals both large and very small...

Stretching dog
always joyful, always eager...

Old dog
Up until her last day, she offered us more love than we deserved.

Dog on golf cart
We love you Lucy. You will be missed.

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I usually admire you guys from afar, but this time I need to comment. I've enjoyed Lucy's antics over the years and my heart breaks for you. I know what an important role she had on your homestead and I will miss seeing her. She was a very lucky pup to have a mom and dad that loved her so much. I am so very sorry for your loss. Your friend in WV- Kim
Comment by Kim Sun Mar 26 12:53:47 2017
There was so much heart in that post, such happy times. I am so sorry for your loss. May Lucy rest in peace.
Comment by Maggie Sun Mar 26 15:24:12 2017
I am so sorry for your loss. It seems to be a hard year for you two. Keep going. We love you.
Comment by Kathleen Sun Mar 26 15:25:49 2017
So sorry for your loss. You have shared a lovely tribute to a wonderful friend.
Comment by Maggie Turner Sun Mar 26 16:13:42 2017

Oh, I'm so sorry!
Lucy had the kind of life any dog would want --all that freedom and folks who loved her so.

Comment by Julie K Whitmore Sun Mar 26 16:33:29 2017
It's hard to lose a four-legged friend, that dotes on your every move. So hard. I know the feeling, of that space which suddenly becomes unoccupied. Knowing when you walk out the door, they will no longer come to greet you. But that's what also made them so special, and hard to say goodbye to. Good dogs are friends for life, and after life. RIP Lucy.
Comment by Chris Sun Mar 26 17:17:31 2017

Wonderful wonderful comments here - all taken to heart Lucy was indeed one of a kind and will forever be loved. Thank you for loving her the way she deserved to be loved and giving her the freedom to be Big Boss of the Homestead. She was Queen of all she oversaw and Queen of our hearts!

Comment by Jayne Sun Mar 26 18:30:20 2017
What a faithful friend; she was lucky to have you as her humans. I'm glad she was happy and active up until the end. I know you'll miss her terribly.
Comment by Rhonda from Baddeck Sun Mar 26 19:23:05 2017
So sorry for your loss. Have enjoyed the posts about Lucy all these years. It's heartbreaking when we lose our fur babies.
Comment by Katy Lamb Sun Mar 26 19:41:58 2017
I agree with the comment from Chris, dogs are loved like a deep friend, a gift from God, sorry for you loss.
Comment by Claudia Sun Mar 26 19:48:18 2017

I was shocked to learn of Lucy's death. I'm so sorry for your loss. I enjoyed all the posts about her and will miss that. I hope you get another puppy (because despite her age I think she was still a puppy), even though another dog will never replace her.

RIP Lucy. Hope you're chasing critters and chewing on sticks whereever you are.


Comment by Nayan Sun Mar 26 21:10:48 2017
A good dog like Lucy will live forever in your memory. So sorry for your loss.
Comment by Ken Sun Mar 26 22:00:23 2017
So sorry, dogs are special friends. RIP Lucy!
Comment by Nita Sun Mar 26 23:35:49 2017
What a steadfast companion and friend she must have been all these years. I can recall many posts about Lucy over the years you've had the blog. All showed how she was cherished. Sorry she had to go.
Comment by Jennifer Mon Mar 27 00:23:42 2017
I'm so sorry its been such a tough spell. Lucy was well loved and I know you'll miss her terribly, I hope this is the end of hard things and deaths of furry friends and wish you a Spring full of new life andnew growth and love. Many hugs
Comment by Swati Mon Mar 27 03:35:31 2017
So sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.
Comment by Peggy Mon Mar 27 07:42:11 2017
Good dog! <3 <3
Comment by SEHQ Mon Mar 27 08:44:17 2017
I am so sorry that Lucy passed away. I enjoyed my morning login and seeing her in your photos and life. Seeing her was a bonus. I will miss her too.
Comment by KR Mon Mar 27 11:01:46 2017
So sorry to hear of Lucy’s passing. She will be with you forever in your memories.
Comment by Ned Mon Mar 27 13:39:42 2017
It is always so sad when we loose a beloved pet. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Comment by Ellen Mon Mar 27 14:03:51 2017
Prayers up for y'all.
Comment by wen Mon Mar 27 14:36:30 2017
I almost never post, but your blog is a daily read for me. You and mark almost seem personal friends and Lucy's frequent appearance made her an extension of that friendship. My thoughts are with you guys, and I hope In time the sadness will fade leaving only those happy memories.
Comment by Mike jordan Mon Mar 27 19:25:46 2017
I'm so sorry. Much love and hugs!
Comment by Michelle Howard Mon Mar 27 22:25:25 2017
My deepest condolences on Lucy's passing. We never own pets, they own us. They become family.
Comment by jennifdr Tue Mar 28 00:43:28 2017
Oh no! What a heartbreak! I know all animals on a homestead are supposed to be working animals, but some just plant themselves in your heart and become part of the family. She was the perfect dog and will be terribly missed.
Comment by Leigh Tue Mar 28 06:13:22 2017
It's always hard losing a good dog. She had a great life and live everyday the way any dog would want to! Sorry for your loss.
Comment by Phil Tue Mar 28 07:11:09 2017
I have been reading your blog for a long time, but I never comment. I'm so sorry for your loss. Lucy was a beautiful dog, and I know what a difference a dog makes to a home. Keeping you in my thoughts.
Comment by Colleen Tue Mar 28 07:45:32 2017

So sorry to hear of Lucy's passing.
She had a good and happy dog's life with you.
I know she will always have a tender place in your heart. -Suzanne in VT

Comment by Suzanne Thu Mar 30 14:08:32 2017
I am so sorry for your loss. It's like losing family or an appendage. hugs Peace be with y'all
Comment by Elaine Thu Mar 30 22:09:48 2017
So very sorry for your loss, my sweet Basset Hound of 12 years I lost late last year, thinking of you both!
Comment by Missy Kinney Fri Mar 31 13:37:19 2017

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