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Having fun at home


Amish quoteMom came over to inaugurate our new boardwalk (and to coo over the porch and eat chocolate strawberry shortcake).

While she was at it, she brought me a t-shirt response to my statement that "I'm simply a boring person."  The quote, attributed to an Amish farmer, goes:

"A man asked what we do for entertainment. 

"I just said, 'We farm.' 

"He understood what I meant. 

"He was intelligent."

What's your favorite kind of at-home entertainment?

Our chicken waterer lets us leave town for the weekend without worrying about our flock.  Mostly, though, we prefer to stay home.

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It brings me GREAT joy to hold small pieces of bread over the heads of my chickens and watch them jump to get it.
Comment by Heath Sun May 20 10:04:52 2012
Sitting on the front porch first thing in the morning with a hot cup of coffee warming my hands.
Comment by Mona Sun May 20 12:38:27 2012
Watching chickens, ducks, and pigs. Fun times!
Comment by Kevin Sun May 20 13:46:15 2012
I just love to mow the grass. Hanging out clothes is also on the top of my list.
Comment by Anonymous Sun May 20 14:18:59 2012
Going outside with my 3 year old and turning rocks over to look for bugs. I find this incredibly enjoyable
Comment by Sara Sun May 20 18:33:24 2012
Sitting in my garden watching the birds early in the morning.
Comment by Fostermamas Sun May 20 18:41:22 2012
Everybody --- I love reading all of your home entertainment options. Clearly you're all people after my own heart, as my mom would say. :-)
Comment by anna Sun May 20 19:14:57 2012
I am among the yarn obsessed so, knitting, crochet, and other forms of fiber art make a showing almost every day.
Comment by Becca Sun May 20 19:33:21 2012
Watching the projects that have been worked on in action and actually working.
Comment by Olan Sun May 20 22:48:13 2012
watering the garden and chasing my 5 year old with the hose...
Comment by Anonymous Sun May 20 23:12:57 2012
One of my favorite things from summers when I lived with my parents was the lazy, sunny day walks out to the mailbox with a stop at the garden on the way. After a few weeks my mother was wondering out loud why there weren't many tomatoes ripening in the garden. I had to fess up that I usually ate two or three of the ripest every morning.
Comment by Matthew ~B Mon May 21 01:11:01 2012
I remember watching my grandparents farm for entertainment. It is in the genes.
Comment by Rita Mon May 21 07:44:18 2012
I'm still enjoying reading everyone's favorite forms of entertainment, but found Olan's especially good!
Comment by anna Mon May 21 12:05:55 2012
Walking our own woods with the dog and a glass of wine in hand at dusk in the summertime. Bliss!
Comment by mitsy Mon May 21 16:51:52 2012

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