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Goat sun day

Goat walk

With a low that dipped just barely into the 30s Saturday night, I developed a sudden affinity for sun. The girls didn't mind at all going out to enjoy the subsequent warm afternoon --- in fact, they led the way.

Watch goats

Mark had gone to meet his mom for lunch, so we all welcomed him home at the ford. The only problem with this plan is that Artemesia detests seeing any sort of herd split apart. When Mark veers off toward the trailer while I take the girls back to their paddocks, she wavers for a moment before obediently following my lead.

Goat dance

One of these days, I'll snap a good shot of our darling does dancing. But I suspect you can feel Aurora's joy in this photo despite the lack of focus.

Another wonderful day with goats!

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Why not snap a video and post that?
Comment by Nayan Mon Oct 10 09:55:21 2016

You two are blogging/pulishing machines, so I've always been curious about your workflow, specifically with your photography. Do you use any special program to store and resize your photos before you publish them? Anna hope your gut is on the mend! Thanks! Doug

Comment by Doug in Northwest GA Mon Oct 10 12:20:01 2016

Doug --- We use Linux, so our program recommendations probably won't match what most people use. I file photos in folders labeled with the date (year first so they're all in chronological order) then a short summary of what subject matter was included in that day's photobomb. This is essential for me since I often have to go back and find the original to put in a book, so it's handy to be able to search by date and subject.

I use the GIMP for resizing, cropping, and playing with light. It's basically the free version of Photoshop and is very powerful, but takes a while to learn. I can't live without it now!

Thanks for asking about my gut. I am starting to feel a lot better, although I'm still on daily imodium and am watching my fiber intake very carefully. My energy and brainpower have returned, though, which makes life much better! :-)

Comment by anna Mon Oct 10 13:17:59 2016
You are organized for sure, I love it. I've never heard of GIMP until you mentioned it and it looks as though there's a version for Windows too. I'm gonna check it out. Thanks for the insight Anna!
Comment by Doug in Northwest GA Mon Oct 10 22:45:41 2016

Hi All,

Linux is ALL I use.

Free! Download a 'live' CD version, boot on it. All applications are free and already there.

Or install to a memory stick and run from there.

This computer a Dell 2650 boots the Knoppix 6.4.3 version of Linux.

And that is what I am typing on now.

Didn't even remove Windows. Just boot from CD and I am up and running.

AND BUG FREE! ] Lots of fun :).


Comment by John Tue Oct 11 10:24:32 2016

If you find yourself doing the same thing for each picture, you should consider using ImageMagick from the command-line.

For instance, to shrink all photos in a directory to a width of 1024 pixels (while keeping the aspect ratio) and save them as JPEG files to a separate directory, you could do this (the ">" is the command prompt):

> mkdir small
> mogrify -path small -resize 1024 -format jpg -quality 80 *.jpg

An example:

> ls
img_4300.jpg  img_4301.jpg  img_4302.jpg  img_4302.jpg  img_4304.jpg
> mkdir small
> mogrify -path small -resize 1024 -format jpg -quality 80 img*
> identify img_4300.jpg small/img_4300.jpg
img_4300.jpg JPEG 3648x2736 3648x2736+0+0 8-bit sRGB 3.488MB
small/img_4300.jpg JPEG 1024x768 1024x768+0+0 8-bit sRGB 112KB

Another example to add a copyright notice to the metadata of a bunch of JPEG files:

> mogrify -comment 'Copyright © 2016 A. Hess' *.jpg

Of course ImageMagick can do a lot more than just change the size of a picture. It is also possible to draw on images, or add visible text. See e.g. the examples on the website. The website also has extensive documentation on all the options.

Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Oct 12 16:43:25 2016

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