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Goat dream

Nanny goat

Mark insinuated last year that my goat dream (or sheep dream) was really a rare instance of my biological clock ticking.  At the time, I protested too much, but in retrospect, I think he was partially right.

I came out of the goat haze slowly around the same time I became pregnant with Weekend Homesteader.  Giving birth to a paperback seems to have circumvented the urge to raise our own grazing animals.

Hair sheep lambs

Which isn't to say that I don't still think that I might like to try a milk goat --- some day.  I get a little flutter in my stomach when I look at photos like these (taken while picking up our chicken feed).  Maybe that's what normal women feel like when they coo over the scent of a newborn human?  (I'm glad to have an immunity to that reaction.)

Saanen goats

Luckily, the milk goat dream has no deadline attached to it.  So I can wait a decade or two until the garden is weed-free and the chicken pastures have turned into complex layers of trees, shrubs, and herbs.  Maybe I'll wait so long, I'll grow right out of it....

Our chicken waterer makes care of the backyard flock so easy, Mark isn't threatened.

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Oh so cute . . . !!!
Comment by Jayne Sat Apr 14 08:53:15 2012
I know! I feel like they should be on a calendar or something. :-)
Comment by anna Sat Apr 14 09:03:26 2012
We are becoming fully fully goated by the end of this month...just getting the shelter finished up this week. I had not exoected to be doing the dairy goat thing, but having a friend that raises thrm was a bad influnce on my psyche. (grins)
Comment by Geowend Sat Apr 14 09:33:09 2012
Geowend --- I'm just a smidge jealous, but not really. :-) In my saner moments, I realize that I enjoy the journey much more if we spread it out! And that means no goats for us until what we already have on our plate doesn't give us conniptions. :-)
Comment by anna Sat Apr 14 13:24:05 2012

Greetings Anna (and Mark), I am once commercial farmer / dairy herdsman. I have maintained a small herd of La Mancha dairy goats since 1981. I would not part with them, or what they afford me to do for friends and workmates. Our daughters, Kendra and Kara (now 30 and 27) were raised on goat milk,as well as the beef and lamb that goat milk helped us to raise. My teacherfriends love it when I bring fresh chevre' style sheese to share with them. Though we have had them but a short time (1992), I would hate to get shed-- bad pun -- of our Horned Dorset sheep, either. Ours are a very old-style pure horned flock that have adapted to our very hot, dry, centralCal evirons. They are good, useful beasts. I've enjoyed discovering your permaculture blog.

Mark Hess, Terra Bella, CA

Comment by Mark Hess Fri Jun 15 21:00:41 2012
Mark Hess --- I'm so glad your herd of goats and sheep is working so well for you!
Comment by anna Sat Jun 16 18:38:37 2012

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