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Free Range Chicken GardensThere are three free book opportunities today, so be sure to skim all the way through this post, even if it's boring.

I never heard from Jason, the winner of last week's free book, so I'm moving on down the list.  Melissia, please email with your mailing address and you be enjoying The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture by the end of the week!

Newer readers may not realize that I've written an ebook series with four fun and easy projects for each month of the year to guide you onto the path to self-sufficiency.  To get you started, I'm giving away the first book in the series today on Amazon.  If you don't want to jump through the hoops of making Amazon's kindle app work on your phone, computer, or other device, just drop me an email and I'll send you a free pdf copy.

Finally, another paperback is coming off my shelf this week to make room for new books.  Free-Range Chicken Gardens had some good ideas and lots of beautiful photos, but isn't a keeper.  Leave a comment on this post by midnight tonight and I'll select a winner tomorrow and notify you in yet one more comment on this post.  Be sure to check back so you don't miss your reward.

Happy reading!

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I could use a chicken book.
Comment by Kathleen Olsen Mon Jun 4 13:20:48 2012
yeah, chickens are fun!
Comment by eric Mon Jun 4 14:07:40 2012
My chickens tend to poop on my porch and nibble my garden a bit more than I would like, so some ideas would be nice...
Comment by Jessie : Improved Mon Jun 4 15:10:53 2012
I am thinking about getting some chickens this fall. This book would help a bit :)
Comment by James Sowers Mon Jun 4 15:36:33 2012
I saw this title in my local bookstore a few months back and wondered how on earth the author is able to keep chickens in such a beautiful garden setting without them ravaging everything. I didn't buy it because it seemed too fluffy, but I always enjoy a good pretty-pictures book, and if I can glean a few ideas, all the better!
Comment by mitsy Mon Jun 4 15:42:54 2012
I wouldn't mind reading this, please sign me up too. Free reading is always welcome.
Comment by Athena Mon Jun 4 17:31:00 2012

Hi Miss Anna, I am currently reading Microbusiness Independence. Love the photos of your farm, on this site. When I get back to my own homestead in the fall (currently in Mexico), I will order a waterer. Thank you! Eric

Comment by Eric Anderson Mon Jun 4 17:41:08 2012
I would be interested - I am curious to see how she keeps chicken poo from invading the garden. It got gross when I tried it in our garden shared with the neighbors, and they had to be banned.
Comment by Faith T Mon Jun 4 17:43:54 2012
Well, add me to the list of hopefuls. We're soon moving to a neighborhood that allows chickens, which also has over an acre of land! Wahoo! Chicken books and summer weekender projects are a must! thx. Incidentally, I appreciate the round up of potato onion posts. With our move, i'll be able to start a late summer/fall garden and am choosing varieties of what to plant as we speak.
Comment by jen g Mon Jun 4 20:06:57 2012
I looked over this book on Amazon the other day and was interested. I've been trying to get some plants going in my future chicken area with no luck. Not sure there will be much info for my high desert location, but any ideas would be helpful! Sign me up please!
Comment by Diana Mon Jun 4 20:26:09 2012
That chicken book is on my homesteading wishlist on Amazon, along with half a dozen other chicken books. I won't be able to talk my partners into chickens for a few years yet, though -- this year a bigger garden (already paying dividends), next year bees, maybe the year after that chickens. We have almost an acre of land; I hate seeing it go to waste.
Comment by Bess Mon Jun 4 21:05:27 2012
I bought myself a copy of the Free Range Chicken Gardens book a few weeks ago, so I don't need to go on that list. I did want to say I downloaded the ebook and it's now waiting in the queue to be read :)
Comment by bladerunner5 Mon Jun 4 23:40:39 2012
Here's hoping I win!
Comment by Kelly A Tue Jun 5 00:01:33 2012
Due to mites, I'm currently having to go into biohazard mode to visit my chicken coop. Retrieving eggs feels like a treasure hunt combined with an insane obstacle course. A little fluffy reading wouldn't hurt at all to keep my spirits up!
Comment by sweetgum Tue Jun 5 00:10:30 2012
28 new chicks have hatched on our tiny farm. We need all the help we can get!
Comment by Rita Tue Jun 5 07:19:57 2012

Jessie:Improved --- You're the winner! Drop an email to with your mailing address and I'll put your book in the mail ASAP!

Melissa --- I did finally hear from Jason, so I guess I don't get to move to you as a backup winner. Sorry!

Everyone who didn't win --- If you go here and follow the two links at the bottom of the page, you'll see the information I thought was most useful in the book.

Eric --- I hope Microbusiness Independence helps you on your journey!

Jen --- Good luck with your fall garden!

Bladerunner5 --- Thanks for downloading the ebook! It kicked me up into the top 100 free, which is always a good way to reach new eyes.

Comment by anna Tue Jun 5 07:26:10 2012
I'd love to have that book. Been wanting to read it for a while now! Thanks for sharing!
Comment by Andrew Atkins Tue Jun 5 09:50:34 2012
Andrew --- Unfortunately, you hit the drawing too late. But stay tuned --- there'll be another giveaway next week. :-)
Comment by anna Tue Jun 5 16:45:09 2012

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