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Free Egyptian onions

Egyptian onions
Egyptian onions have had another bumper year of top-bulb production, but that's no surprise because every year seems to be a bumper year if you're an Egyptian onion.  Last year, I sold the onions, but this year I've decided to give them away to our loyal blog readers.  This post is the first in a line of giveaways --- I'll keep giving until they're all gone --- so don't feel bad if you don't win.

What will I get?
Egyptian onion top bulbsOne lucky winner will get a small, flat rate box full of Egyptian onion top bulbs.  That's multiple hundred bulbs, which is plenty to keep a good sized family in green onions for ten months of the year.  You might even have some to give to your neighbors!

How do I enter?
To enter our Egyptian onion giveaway, you'll need to have bought at least one of our ebooks from Amazon in 2011, or have emailed me for a free copy.  You'll be entered once for every book you buy (or email for), and since this is a retroactive giveaway, if you bought each of our ebooks as it came out, you could already be entered six times.

Weekend Homesteader: JulyAmazon won't tell me who bought my ebooks, so you'll need to leave a comment on this post letting me know how many times I should put your name in the pot.  Yes, this is on the honor system --- I figure none of you are going to lie about how many ebooks you bought.  Just be sure to make your comment before the deadline --- June 28 at midnight.

Don't forget to check back next Wednesday to see if you won, and then drop me an email with your mailing address so I'll know where to send your onions.  If I don't hear from the first winner by Friday morning, I'll move on to someone else.

Good luck, and thanks for helping our ebooks see the light of day!

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About us: Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton spent over a decade living self-sufficiently in the mountains of Virginia before moving north to start over from scratch in the foothills of Ohio. They've experimented with permaculture, no-till gardening, trailersteading, home-based microbusinesses and much more, writing about their adventures in both blogs and books.

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I forgot to add --- I don't want to leave out our international readers, but shipping live plants across country borders is dicey. If you live outside the U.S. and win, we'll mail you a Walden Effect tshirt instead.
Comment by anna Wed Jun 22 13:23:38 2011

Hi Anna, just bought your July edition (my third, already had May and June). It's another excellent e-book. I look forward to coming editions.


Comment by Jeremy Wed Jun 22 14:20:52 2011
Anna - I bought your Microbusiness Independence ebook back in Feb of this year but it wasn't from Amazon (at least I don't think it was). I downloaded it as a pdf. If that counts, cool. If not, thanks for all the informative homesteading posts you guys put out.
Comment by Kevin Wed Jun 22 16:26:12 2011

Jeremy --- Thanks for being such a regular reader of our ebooks! It's comments like that that keep my plugging away at the keyboard when the garden beckons. :-)

Kevin --- I should have mentioned that possibility. I'll definitely throw your name in the hat.

Comment by anna Wed Jun 22 16:54:38 2011

Hello Anna! I would love to have some of your onions. I have not bought book from Amazon but would be glad to do so today! Can you also email me a copy as well? and be sure to enter me in the drawing. Thanks, jackie email:

Comment by Jackie Sexton Wed Jun 22 17:13:05 2011

Hello Anna, just bought both ebooks from Amazon. Does this mean you can enter me 2 times for the drawing? Thanks Jackie

Comment by Jackie Sexton Wed Jun 22 17:21:38 2011
I think your blog was the first place I saw these mentioned. I've bought your micro-business ebook and your June newsletter. Keep up the great work! I really enjoy your blog.
Comment by Ellen Wed Jun 22 17:55:59 2011

Hi Anna! I haven't bought an ebook yet, but I have a bunch of your waterers and push them on all my chicken-friends. Does that count?


Comment by Nathan Strange Wed Jun 22 18:19:48 2011

Jackie --- I emailed you a copy of Weekend Homesteader and will be sure to enter you in the drawing twice.

Ellen --- I'll be sure to enter you twice too. Hopefully you'll win some onions in one of the giveaways, if not this one.

Nathan --- Sure! We enjoy free advertising however we get it. :-)

Thank you all for checking out our ebooks and supporting the Walden Effect!

Comment by anna Wed Jun 22 18:28:22 2011
I've bought and enjoyed all three issues of Weekend Homesteader. I'm learning so much from you and Mark. Thanks for the opportunity!
Comment by Debbi Wed Jun 22 19:27:23 2011

Hi Anna, I've got all three homesteading ebooks. Thanks for all the great info!

-Josh K

Comment by Josh Wed Jun 22 23:21:45 2011

Hey Anna,

I bought the microbusiness ebook. I also just recently found your blog and caught up (from beginning to present) in about a week! I was wondering how I could get my paws on some walking onions (and garlic) for my new property/garden without ordering (This fall I'm going to be stealing strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, and grapes from my mother and grandmother.)


Comment by charity Thu Jun 23 08:10:39 2011
I bought the microbusiness book, found it to be full of great ideas and info!
Comment by Wendy D. Thu Jun 23 12:38:34 2011

I won some of these in a giveaway a while back. I've never grown them before, so I was all sorts of excited to see what they'd do:

Those pictures are a week or two old now - the onions have actually started bulbing out but not quite yet tipping over. It's been great fun watching this!

Comment by trashmaster46 Thu Jun 23 13:02:59 2011
I've emailed for two of your homesteading books...still need to email you for the latest one. Put my name in the hat for some onions!
Comment by Fostermamas Thu Jun 23 16:52:24 2011
Thanks for sharing your photos, trashmaster. And thank you to everyone else for swelling my head. :-)
Comment by anna Thu Jun 23 19:06:21 2011
Hi Anna. I've purchased the July eBook and received two chicken eBooks with my Aqua Misers. Thanks for the giveaway!
Comment by Dave V Fri Jun 24 04:45:35 2011
Hey Anna, I ordered May, June and July, and also the Microbusiness book which I am enjoying first :-) Will write up some Amazon reviews when I've finished reading them...
Comment by De Sun Jun 26 11:28:27 2011

Dave --- good point. Those chicken ebooks should definitely count. :-)

De --- Thanks so much for being willing to leave reviews in addition to buying our ebooks! That's really the way we get strangers interested in frugal homesteading.

Comment by anna Sun Jun 26 21:14:30 2011

I have all 3 issues, and have left reviews for the first two. I have not finished reading the third issue yet but when I do I'll be sure to leave a review. Thanks for putting these out and keep it up! The egyptian onions would be a great addition to our garden.

If you're interested in seeing some photos of our garden progress this year you can follow the link below:

Comment by Brian Mon Jun 27 13:00:05 2011
Ripe tomatoes...I'm jealous. :-) Thanks for being such an ebook supporter!
Comment by anna Mon Jun 27 13:35:30 2011
I just bought May, June, and July! I love all the insight and information you have put into your books, but do you have any insight for renters who have little to no full sun gardens? I still want to find a way to enjoy fresh veggies!
Comment by Megan Mon Jun 27 19:24:25 2011

Thanks for buying all three, Megan! There are some vegetables (and fruits) that can be grown in partial or full shade, especially if you live in the south. In the tropics, they actually grow normal veggies like corn under the light shade of select fruit trees, but I wouldn't try that if I lived further north than Florida or Texas.

In general, you'll do best with growing leafy greens in the shade. Lettuce and all of the greens you eat cooked (like spinach and kale) are a good choice, especially in the summer. has some more ideas to get you started. Good luck!

Comment by anna Mon Jun 27 19:44:47 2011

Hi, I just bought your July homesteading ebook! I cannot wait to read it! Thanks again, I love reading your blog! Wendy D.

Comment by Wendy D. Tue Jun 28 12:42:00 2011

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