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Feline literary analysis

Trailersteading cat

Trailersteading is here! Actually, there's another story that goes along with the first copies of the book, involving Kayla, an ill-fated zumba class, ice cream, hostage negotiations, three lighters, way too many flashlights, a trio of tired, freezing menfolk, and law enforcement with a blood-pressure cuff. But rather than going there, I thought I'd ask our feline overlords for their first impressions of my newest paperback.

Reading cat

"Hmm," said Huckleberry. "Let's see. I count one, two, three, a billion photos of Mark, a couple of toddlers, a bulldozer, a goat, a chicken, a bug for crying out loud, and zero shots of what really matters --- cats. I'd give this one two thumbs down. You really coulda done better, Anna."

And here I'd been excited about how well the profiles of the other eight trailersteaders looked in print and how engagingly the book was laid out. Oh well --- everyone's a critic. "Thanks for your opinion, Huckleberry," I answered. "Let's see what Strider thinks."

Cat book

Our younger cat gave his analysis the good old college try. He sniffed and poked and watched as I turned the pages. Then Strider stated his opinion.

"Well, I don't really understand what all those little black squiggly things are --- ants? But the pictures are bright and pretty. And Huckleberry's wrong --- I saw a cat. So I'd say it's okay."

So there you have it --- Strider says my newest book is...okay. For $11.38 on Amazon, how could you go wrong? I hope you'll give it a try and let me know how your feline overlords rate this overview of an alternative approach to voluntary simplicity. Thanks in advance for giving it a try!

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Great about Trailersteading now available!

hope you don't leave us hanging, either about your icecream escapade--blood pressur cuff, I wonder who for??yi

Comment by adrianne Fri Jan 22 10:43:06 2016
i think ollie approves...even if there is a picture of child but not him. I hope everyone else lets their cats review it. And the other story is pretty funny especially since everybody has thawed out...
Comment by kayla Fri Jan 22 12:07:46 2016

Mom --- Don't worry --- everything turned out okay in the end! And the "blood pressure cuff" was actually an inflatable contraption used to pop open a car door, so no health scares. :-)

Kayla --- So glad your cat gives the book at least his tentative approval! I'll have to add that to my editorial reviews "Ollie maybe approves." :-)

Comment by anna Fri Jan 22 14:02:16 2016

Congrats on the new book!

And Huckleberry--you don't even HAVE thumbs, so I think it's physically impossible for you to give a two-thumbs-down review. :-)

Comment by Jake Fri Jan 22 22:13:04 2016
Jake --- Thank you! So glad to have someone take my side over Huckleberry's --- he's such a debbie downer. :-)
Comment by anna Sat Jan 23 18:40:25 2016

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