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Egyptian onion giveaway 2012

Egyptian onion top bulbs

It's that season again --- time to send Egyptian onion top bulbs out to take over the world!  I've already given away two brimming bagsful, but as you can tell, there are still plenty left.

(If you've never met these delightful perennial onions, you can read more about them here.  There are no purchase buttons on that page because I think I'm going to save all of Microbusiness Independencethe onion bulbs to give away this year, unless my readers get sated and stop taking them.  Speaking of which, if you're someone I see in person and would like some Egyptian onions for your garden, just drop me an email and I'll set aside some for you before I give the rest away.)

To be entered in our Egyptian onion giveaway, download Microbusiness Independence from Amazon today, then leave a comment on this post to let me know you've entered.  I've set it up so our oldest ebook is free today and tomorrow, so this is a great opportunity to learn our tips on becoming financially self-sufficient.

Box o top bulbsRather than selecting only one winner, I'll choose five commenters at random to win a small flat rate box full of Egyptian onion top bulbs.  This is enough to feed a large family all of the green onions they can eat, or to spread some starts around to your gardening buddies.

Be sure to comment by midnight on Tuesday, June 12, and then check the comments on Wednesday to see whether you won.  Our Egyptian onions are looking forward to exploring their new homes!

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Hello from a long-time lurker. I guess all it takes is the chance for Egyptian onions to get me to delurk? I've been wanting to try these for ages. I am a huge fan of your blog and your ebooks. Thank you!
Comment by Zoë Mon Jun 11 12:26:46 2012
I would love to have some of these unique onions and look forward to reading through the download.
Comment by Matthew Mon Jun 11 12:27:25 2012
I would love to try these onions if you have them to spare.
Comment by Charles J. Mon Jun 11 12:29:28 2012

Wow, that's a very generous offer. I've been meaning to get some of these but have put it off due to other needs in the garden.

I've "purchased" the book, but won't be able to read it until my vacation next week. Just not enough time in the day to read what I want.

I'm sure I'll get some great tips out of the book. I just hope that I follow through on them to start a secondary income stream.

Comment by Fritz Mon Jun 11 12:44:32 2012
I'm not here to enter the giveaway, but I am here to let your readers know they should! I've already given away a bunch of bulblets and will soon be planting more. They're prolific! I do believe I could turn my entire garden into an onion garden. Thanks for getting me started!
Comment by Debbi Mcneer Mon Jun 11 12:50:17 2012
I won some starts from you last year and they are doing great. We've been eating the greens and pulling the occasional bulb to eat too. Love them. I've started spreading the word to my gardening acquaintances that I'll have some top sets to share soon. The little sets are about the size of a cranberry now. How shall I know when to cut them off? Do I cut the whole stalk? I'm not entering the giveaway this year by the way! Thanks for the great gift of perennial onions!
Comment by Dave V Mon Jun 11 13:21:14 2012
Would love to try growing Egyptian onions. Please count me in. I downloaded the e-book and look forward to checking it out. Thanks, Vicki
Comment by Anonymous Mon Jun 11 13:25:37 2012
Thanks for the opportunity to win some free bulbs!
Comment by Heath Mon Jun 11 13:28:04 2012
I have been wanting to try onions, but not being sure if they will succeed haven't bought any sets yet.
Comment by Gwen Mon Jun 11 13:28:17 2012

I look forward to reading the ebook, I love your Weekend Homesteader ebooks! I have been wanting to try these, but have been out of my price range for trying them.

I hope to try some Potato Onions some time too.

Comment by Brian Mon Jun 11 14:15:54 2012
We just bought a 17 acre farm, and are just starting out, doing our best to be self sufficient...I would love some onions, or even better, any advice you have to offer..There is so much to learn!!
Comment by judy carr Mon Jun 11 14:45:36 2012
I bought the book after I found your blog sometime ago (must have been last year sometime.) I would definitely make good use of the onions. I would probably divide between my community plot in Alexandria, VA and the garden out in Oregon. I know these are different than the multiplier/potato onions. I first heard of those type of perennial onions in Angola (yes, Southern Africa.) At some point I will probably try those as well (though I will let you trial and error which ones get big enough to bother with, ha ha.)
Comment by Charity Mon Jun 11 14:55:20 2012
I'm excited to have the e-book, as well as a chance to win the onions! Thanks for the give-away! Read your site every day.
Comment by Patricia Forsythe Mon Jun 11 15:22:20 2012
Woo Hoo! I've been keeping my eye out on Craigslist for someone locally who might have some to share and havn't come across any yet. Count me in. Thanks for the book too!
Comment by Fostermamas Mon Jun 11 15:49:34 2012
I downloaded the eBook, and am looking forward to reading it. Would love some Egyptian onions for my fledgling garden!
Comment by Alice Mon Jun 11 15:59:15 2012
I've had the e-book for a while, so I'm hoping I don't need to download it again to enter the give-away! These look fantastic!
Comment by Sarah Herrmann Mon Jun 11 16:03:11 2012
I downloaded your e-book, thanks for alterting us to the free offer! A chance to win egyptian onions too what a great deal!
Comment by Brian Mon Jun 11 16:49:31 2012
I can't wait to open it up and read! I've been collecting the weekend homesteader series and have to say that they are a delight to read! Thank you Anna!
Comment by Stephanie Mon Jun 11 17:00:42 2012
Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your prolific onions! I love reading your blog.
Comment by Valerie Mon Jun 11 18:17:22 2012
Count me in! Thanks for the free download. I tend not to read books like that, but since you guys keep a relatively level head about these things, I'll give it a read. LOVE The weekend homesteader series, and I'm always learning good stuff on your blog.
Comment by Paula B. Mon Jun 11 19:09:54 2012
Thank you for both the free book and the opportunity to win these onions!
Comment by Athena Mon Jun 11 19:41:46 2012

I would love to give them a try (or rather, make my parents try it for me while I live overseas for one more year). Are Canadians allowed to play with everyone else?

Comment by Matthew ~B Mon Jun 11 19:46:12 2012

Everybody --- I'm thrilled to see so many people hungering after Egyptian onions (and delurking as a result)! (And I'm glad to see that last year's giveaway onions are still plugging along and spreading their genes. :-) )

Dave --- I wait until the sets on top have started to sprout little green leaves, then I pluck just the bulblets off, separate them, and plant each bulb individually. That said, the stalks that bear the bulbs just die back after you pick the top bulbs, so it might be worth cutting them down. I'm experimenting this year to see if the stalks I cut down result in a faster return of green leaves than the ones I leave alone.

Matthew --- I wish I could say we'll ship to Canada, but a quick search of the internet suggests I'd have to get the plants inspected to legally send them internationally. Sorry! :-/

Comment by anna Mon Jun 11 20:06:40 2012

I had bought the book some time ago, but this gave me inspiration to reread it. Good stuff.

Thanks, Jeff

Comment by Jeff Mon Jun 11 21:51:22 2012
I got the book, don't know if I'm ambitious enough to start my own business. But I will read it, as I love your other books. I would also love some onions if I win. Thanks for your blog!
Comment by Siobhan Mon Jun 11 22:08:04 2012


I've downloaded your book but its on deck after my library books. I'm super interested in the egyptian onions. If I don't win, where can I get them?

Comment by Kat Mon Jun 11 22:08:39 2012
I downloaded your Microbusiness e-book. I have a small business of my own, but would like to make it grow. Thanks for providing the e-book and for the Egyptian onion giveaway!
Comment by Denise Spencer Mon Jun 11 22:36:36 2012

I purchased your book some time ago and found it to be very useful! I would love some of these onions! We are just about to move and looking for our dream homestead and this would be our first "crop" to be planted when we get there! Thanks for offering this Anna and Mark!

Comment by Jenn W. Mon Jun 11 22:46:07 2012
I bought the eBook a few months back. Loved it, but have had no luck coming up with the 'thing' that I can sell to be independent. I think of myself as very creative, but I can't come up with anything lucrative or very unique. I don't feel confident I can ever come up with anything.
Comment by Brandy Mon Jun 11 23:35:06 2012
I downloaded the book. Thanks for the freebies.
Comment by Dave Tue Jun 12 00:38:54 2012

I am going to download the ebook right now and look forward to reading it.
I would also love to win some onions.

Comment by sarah Tue Jun 12 00:40:35 2012

I am going to download the ebook right now and look forward to reading it.
I would also love to win some onions. Thanks for the chance!!

Comment by sarah Tue Jun 12 00:41:46 2012

I grow beds and beds of green onions, I eat them with, on, everything. They really get hit hard by the summer heat though. I have to sow new starts every fall. So how do these Egyptian guys handle the heat? I have always wanted them, but being out of stock has always been a factor. Thanks, Ill have to find some free time to read your book now..

Comment by Egyptyumyonionygoodness Tue Jun 12 01:54:34 2012

Well, Iv just read a bit of your book... Im not there, yet, but its nice to know its not imposible to have all that. Having your small business, being independent, no need to worry if your boss is going to give you the boot tomorrow...

Thank you again for the book..

Comment by onion+mydirt Tue Jun 12 02:25:12 2012
What wonderful timing! Been wanting to download book for awhile. I now have vacation coming up at the end of the week and something to sit and read will be delightful. I have been eyeing egyptian onions every since your first post and would love to include them in my garden!
Comment by Anna Roberts Tue Jun 12 06:04:44 2012
Wow, a free book (thanks!) and possible onion starts...count me in!
Comment by Jennifer Tue Jun 12 07:26:42 2012

Kat --- They tend to be pretty expensive, unfortunately, but you can start with just a bulb or two and wait a couple of years to be overrun. I'd simply google for "Egyptian onions" and see what turns up --- I know there are lots of places out there selling them.

Brandy --- I suspect some of us think in product mode more than others. Mark always has a dozen potential projects that we have to squash down until we (maybe, someday) have time to play with them. Maybe your product would be an ebook or something else outside the box? I've found that selling ebooks on Amazon produced half the income in the first year as our microbusiness. Not sure if the income will rise at the same rate as a physical product, but the ebooks do take less time.

Egyptyumyonionygoodness --- We pick the greens nearly year round. Right now is the exception --- when they put up their top bulbs, the leaves die back and the main stalk turns a bit woody. But within a few weeks, new leaves will be popping up and we'll be snipping again!

Comment by anna Tue Jun 12 07:33:33 2012

No worries :D I'm still inspired to try them on my own someday. Luckily for me knowledge isn't subject to regulation ;)

Comment by Matthew ~B Tue Jun 12 08:53:26 2012
I'm still a fan of my Candy onions for bulbs, but really like the idea of being able to use these as green onions for so long. - Thanks for the chance to maybe try some!
Comment by Emma Tue Jun 12 09:11:04 2012
Thanks for the ebook, always a good read. Would love to try these egyptian onions.
Comment by Marco Tue Jun 12 09:40:13 2012
I have been looking forward to this since last year! I've been a reader/lurker for a long time, have read every post it seems. Also bought your chicken waterer a couple months ago for my 4 new backyard ladies ( they love it of course). Love your writing, and have learned so much. We are even looking into getting our own small plot soon here in Austin.
Comment by Brittany Brain Tue Jun 12 12:01:02 2012

I am very interested in the Egyptian onions! Thanks for the chance to win and the free book! Scott

Comment by Scott Tue Jun 12 13:23:36 2012
I am in! Just downloaded and looking forward to reading.
Comment by Jon Tue Jun 12 13:58:03 2012
I would love a few of these unique onion bulbs to get started. Also thanks for all of your blogs! They are very educational.
Comment by George Tue Jun 12 14:07:17 2012
Looking forward to the ebook and hopefully trying the Egyptian onions in our garden
Comment by Rick Tue Jun 12 16:58:15 2012
Looking forward to reading the ebook and hopefully trying some of the onions
Comment by BernardW Tue Jun 12 17:29:07 2012
Just downloaded the ebook and quickly browsed through it. It looks like a wealth of great information and I will likely finish the book tomorrow. I was excited to see the opportunity to win the walking onions. A couple of years ago we moved and had to leave the walking onions we had growing. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to grow them and share them again. Thanks for all your great work and informative blog and ebooks.
Comment by Jeremiah Eubank Tue Jun 12 23:53:53 2012
You make a very fine point, Anna. I had presumed that the lucrative thing would have to be an invention, but I'm not very good at those sorts of things. I will have to think on eBooks and consider where my niche could be. Thank you so much, your response really bolstered me.
Comment by Brandy Wed Jun 13 14:27:21 2012
Brandy --- I keep meaning to update Microbusiness Independence to include my experiments with ebooks, but there are always so many other things I'd rather write about. :-)
Comment by anna Wed Jun 13 15:43:43 2012
Hi I downloaded the book. If you have another onion give away please enter me in it
Comment by Anonymous Fri Jun 15 12:28:45 2012

Hi. I am in Malta, EU and looking for useful perrenial plants to grow. Walking onions! Please will you let me have some? The world needs these and I love onions.

xx Jan

Comment by Jan Bellinger Thu Jul 12 10:38:09 2012
Jan --- Unfortunately, the giveaway ended June 12. Hopefully you'll find another source closer to you!
Comment by anna Thu Jul 12 15:48:54 2012

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