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Deer hunting dream

Where to shoot a deer Our deer deterrents are still working like a charm, but one got hung up this weekend and a deer came through the gap in the sound barrier.  After looking at my munched strawberries, I resolved to kill a deer before the fall season is over.

I spent a while Monday afternoon poring over the Virginia hunting laws.
  Turns out that if we were good enough, Mark and I would be allowed to kill 5 deer apiece on our own property without a license.  The rules are complex and confusing --- no hunting on Sunday (even on your own land?!  What happened to separation of church and state?), no more than two bucks per person (great --- I want to kill does!), and no more than one deer per day per person.

We were thinking about hunting last year, but never found the time to practice amid the rush of winter preparations.  But this year we freed up some time by buying firewood, and are even prepared with a 40 caliber rifle.  I'm hoping that in the next six weeks before hunting season begins, we'll have time to become proficient marksmen.

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My brother wants to hunt on our property but he lives in Ohio. Can an out-of-state family member hunt on my property without a license if I'm with him?

Good luck this year. Are you going to "process" it yourselves?


Comment by Everett Tue Sep 29 11:32:57 2009

Check out this site ---

It looks like it doesn't really matter if you're present. Your wife, children, grandchildren, and parents could hunt there without a license, but not your brother. However, if he's a tenant there, he can hunt there with your written permission without a license.

Of course, if you're present, you could always say you shot the deer... :-)

We definitely plan to process any hypothetical deer ourselves. After killing a bunch of turkeys and chickens, we think that shouldn't be too much trouble. (So I say now...)

Comment by anna Tue Sep 29 17:15:26 2009
Wow... I've never heard of a state with a "blue law" applied to hunting. Just absolutely amazing. I'd snub my nose at it if it were me...
Comment by Shannon Tue Sep 29 22:56:29 2009
Yeah, it's a bit obscene...
Comment by anna Wed Sep 30 07:39:09 2009

Hunt them as much as you can. Even if you don't need the meat, find a church that will take it. It know it seems like it will only make a minor difference but I shot one squirrel this year and haven't had another in the garden since.

Not to mention, hunting deer is easy once you get the hang of it. They are very predictable animals and they do taste good.

Comment by Tue Aug 2 20:53:51 2011
We like the meat! We got one two years ago and it was delicious. I have to admit, though, I get less bloodthirsty when the deer deterrents are working, which they are at the moment. But maybe this year again?
Comment by anna Wed Aug 3 07:36:51 2011
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