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Cosmic Cookout

 cosmic cookout

Cosmic Cookout is a project that's been in the back of my head for years now, and thanks to Anna's help as webmaster it's finally ready to see the light of day.

It's a place to help me distill down some of the more interesting and fantastic information that has been gushing out of the physics of consciousness field the past few years with some attention paid to the disclosure movement.

The intention is to stimulate debate and conversation through a process of observation and questions and hopefully increase awareness and understanding and perhaps move to a higher level of consciousness.

Credit goes to Neuronarrative for the fine images above.

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Mark have you checked out Nassim Haramein's website The Resonance Project? I got to meet him a few weeks ago and talk about a new project he's working on with Gaiam. We already carry his DVD The Black Whole: .

There are also some pretty interesting groups and discussions about consciousness going on over at Gaia:

As for disclosure, if a UFO were to just park its ass right on top of New York City for a few days it would be sort of difficult to deny. Either the drivers are partial to rural areas or they don't want to be found out - or both. But if a sentient being from somewhere else in the universe was intelligent enough to build a ship that could travel this far I would think if they wanted to be found out about, they'd be able to do so.

I'll be subscribing to the cosmic cookout website today.



Comment by Everett Sun Jan 31 14:33:43 2010

Wow! must run in some seriously interesting circles if your chatting with Nassim Haramein about his next project. Who else in this field do you rub elbows with? I'm very interested in Nassim's latest DVD....looks like it won't be out till later this year. I especially like his enthusiasm and attitude when he's challenging such well established theories. I first heard about him when I discovered the work of Dan Winter last year.

Thanks for the heads up on the Giam groups.

I think a lot of UFO sightings are more than likely a part of the latest military technology being tested although there have been some weird stuff coming out of Norway lately.

Comment by mark Sun Jan 31 17:03:45 2010


I was part of a Gaiam panel lucky enough to pre-screen Nassim's DVD Black Whole during production. It is going to be a VERY interesting documentary that I think you will enjoy very much.

It's not that I get to hang out with brilliant physicists and philosophers all the time, but every once in awhile I get to meet someone inspiring as part of my job. People like Rodney Yee (if you're into yoga) come in often and Deepak Chopra was walking getting a tour of our building last year. I didn't get to speak with him myself, but saw him around and felt honored to be working with such a great company.

We sell yoga mats and water bottles, but sometimes that seems almost as a means to a larger, more profound end. Sell a suburban housewife one water bottle today and it may keep her from buying and throwing away hundreds of plastic bottles. Maybe next time she'll also buy a video from our Explorations catalog and it will open her mind to something new.

Check out:

They're going to allow me to keep working with the company from Virginia. I hope I can prove my worth for many years to come.

Comment by Everett Sun Jan 31 19:19:49 2010
Sounds like a good place to work, hope the move goes smoothly for you.
Comment by mark Mon Feb 1 20:14:25 2010

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