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Carpe diem

Frozen creek

I don't think I ever understood the expression "Seize the day" until I moved to the farm.  But now I know that, sometimes, it's worth throwing the list out the window and going with the flow.

Straw deliveryThursday morning, we woke to a 14-degree farm, and when I took Lucy for her walk through the floodplain, nothing even crunched under my feet --- the mud was solid.  The weather was so wet this year that we haven't had a single day in which we could drive the truck back to our core homestead, but frozen works too.

Three hours later, the truck started slipping around as it brought in the last load of straw, and Mark had to pull it out of the ruts with the ATV.  But we'd filled the barn with 33 bales of straw and had cleared out a year's stock-piled garbage (two truckloads full).  If Mark had tried to do all of that hauling with the ATV, it would have taken him at least a week.

By the way, Mark's newest heated chicken waterer incarnation was still flowing at 14 degrees.  Want to guess how low it'll go?

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So beautiful! Your rear-view mirror one reminds me of the girl on the raisin box, holding another box, etc... I wish you could print postcards of these photos!

Comment by adrianne Fri Nov 15 09:19:45 2013

How do you keep that much trash stockpiled without the wildlife coming around? We make a dump run about every other month (for a family of seven) but we have the darndest time dealing with bears and such even with the trash being locked in a shed.

Also, it's probably in some obvious spot that I'm missing, but what is the address for your chicken blog?

Comment by Karyn Fri Nov 15 09:33:28 2013

Mom --- I'll put a few in your next photo order if you want. :-)

Karyn --- We can't take credit for protecting the trash --- it's entirely Lucy's hard work that keeps critters away. (We do lock the trash in the barn, though, so Lucy won't pick through it.)

Our chicken blog is at Enjoy!

Comment by anna Fri Nov 15 11:47:23 2013

Does Lucy live outside? Our dog is great about trying to keep critters away but the bears are just nutso for scratching at the door of the shed and they'll go away when the dog first runs out but then come right back - which equals a bad night of sleeping for all involved.

I'm looking forward to reading your chicken book. We just finished our fourth failed attempt at keeping chickens and I'm hoping to figure out how to make this work. I'm so bummed out. This last time it was a bobcat or mountain lion (the neighbors are in dispute) picking off meals between our house and neighbor's.

Thanks again for your blog. I love reading about a homestead that's in a similar setting to our land.

Comment by karyn Fri Nov 15 16:55:28 2013

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