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Box of books

Book cartonThe bibliophiles among you probably know how wonderful it feels to have a box of new reading material show up in your mailbox.  (To be honest, I get the same dragon-sitting-on-my-gems rush when I bring home a dozen library books.)

Well, just imagine how it feels to open a box full of your very own book.  Yes, I did ignore chores and spend the afternoon yesterday flipping through the book I sweated over all winter, and each page looked much better than I remembered.

The Weekend Homesteader

I'll post some relevant facts later, so stay tuned for information on a giveaway of autographed copies, when preordered books are likely to arrive, opportunities for bloggers to get a free review copy, and so forth.

Inside the bookIf you want to glean something for your own life from this post, here's my bit of hard-won wisdom --- excitement fades, so seize the day.  If you're itching to learn to dry tomatoes, make the time to do so while it sounds like fun and before it turns into a chore.

I'm not sure how flipping through the pages of my book could ever seem like a chore, but I'm taking my own advice and curling up with my treasure right now.  And trying to decide whether the close family and friends who will be enjoying the contents of this first box would like their books written in or pristine.  What do you think?

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So-o excited to hold it on Sat:)--love, mom
Comment by adrianne Thu Aug 30 08:57:59 2012
Written in, of course. That makes it much more valuable to my heirs.
Comment by Errol Thu Aug 30 09:21:44 2012

Dear Anna,

As Kai says, I want my book "loved all over!"


Comment by Maggie Thu Aug 30 09:36:11 2012

Congratulations!!!! WOW, I bet that must be a good feeling! If you are so gracious as to send one, we'll take it anyway you want, writing or no.

I am happy for you and can think of nobody who deserves this more.



Comment by Everett Thu Aug 30 10:00:38 2012
Congratulations!! How wonderfully exciting for you! I would definitely relish the moment. I never got around to ordering a copy, but it's still in my "saved" basket. May need to wait until I'm able to churn a paycheck sometime in the near future (hopefully). ;)
Comment by mitsy Thu Aug 30 10:07:48 2012

Mom --- So glad you want yours written in since I got excited and scribbled all over the first page last night. :-)

Daddy --- You made me laugh. :-)

Maggie --- Very poetic!

Everett --- Kinda ruins the surprise of why I asked you for your address last night, huh? :-)

Mitsy --- I don't blame you for waiting --- if you're getting it on Amazon, you can get free shipping if you combine it with another book, but then you don't get the other book until mine comes out! Very annoying, as I learned when I preordered Harvey Ussery's book last winter. :-)

Comment by anna Thu Aug 30 10:31:07 2012
Can't wait to add this to my shelves...and ditto about the lovely feeling when opening up a box of books/bringing them home from the library! Congratulations to you.
Comment by Heather Thu Aug 30 16:25:41 2012
Heather --- Thank you! Assuming you're the Heather who helped edit, your pre-release copy is now on it's way. :-)
Comment by anna Thu Aug 30 19:27:47 2012
My copy is pre-ordered on Amazon Japan. Can't wait until November 8 to read it!
Comment by Eric in Japan Thu Aug 30 20:30:25 2012
Of coure I want it written in. That , to me, makes it all the more personal and valuable! So happy for you getting it published. Can't wait to see it.
Comment by Sheila Thu Aug 30 20:34:20 2012
Looks like they went all out with the color printing too.
Comment by RDG Thu Aug 30 22:54:06 2012
I remember learning to do offset printing in a college graphics class, and how thrilled I was to see a poster I'd designed replicated hundreds of times. You must be thrilled beyond belief! Can't wait for my copy to show up (I understand from amazon it's been delayed a bit).
Comment by Debbi Fri Aug 31 09:20:40 2012

Eric and Debbi --- I'm not sure what the delay is, but it is looking like they've pushed the release date for the general public back to November. I now have a publicist in addition to an editor, and the former told me he'd explain more soon. I'll pass the information on as soon as I have it! :-)

Sheila --- Your scribbled version is in the mail. :-)

RDG --- Yes, I was very pleased! I think there must have been some change in technology over the last ten years because these full color paperbacks seem to be everywhere and very cheap.

Comment by anna Fri Aug 31 10:05:15 2012
Comment by Paula B. Fri Aug 31 14:04:20 2012
Paula --- Thanks!
Comment by anna Fri Aug 31 18:48:58 2012
Anna, I've been reading your blog for quite a few years now. Since sometime in 2008 I think, when I bought my small home in the country and started trying to learn how to do some things for myself, planting my apple trees and saving up for a chest fridge. So when I saw you had written a book I couldn't help adding it to my wish list. No fewer than four different family members gave me your book for Christmas! I had to allow two to be returned unfortunately, but kept one for myself and donated the last to my public library. Thanks for sharing your experiences here and in your book, you've got a great resource here and it's been wonderful learning from you.
Comment by Laura Tue Jan 15 20:59:36 2013
Laura --- You're too kind! I hope the book lives up to your expectations. :-)
Comment by anna Wed Jan 16 10:07:12 2013

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