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A new way for cats to drink?

Huckleberry drinking from a 2 gallon bucket

While developing our new EZ Miser 2 gallon chicken watering bucket I got into a habit of leaving a full bucket handy to make it easier to test each variation.

Turns out it's just the right height for Huckleberry to drink from, and he seems to drink more water because of it so we've decided to leave it in place to further spoil him.

Maybe drinking in this fashion is easier on a cat's back?

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I did the same thing with Leo, and Michi has a kitten-sized pail. Works well; don't have to change the water all the time as it doesn't get dirty or mixed with food; they drink a lot like cats are supposed to; and if you go off for a week, the cat can and will reach down to the water level.

I think that tiny little cat water dishes are only sold in stores because they trick you into paying twice what you pay for a matching food dish.

Comment by Sun Feb 16 16:56:52 2014

We have 2 cats. One old , almost 17 and one young. They both drink from a large fishbowl, there are no fish in there. When the old cat was a kitten she used to step in the little water dish bowling it over. As soon as she discoverd the large fishbowl, how tiny she was, she wanted to drink from it. And the same with our yong cat. She came with us when she was only a 2,5 weeks old orphan. As little as she was she saw the "big cat" drinking from the fishbowl and that is wat she wanted too. So we don't even have little water dishes simply because they won't drink from it.

I do apologise for my english. It is not my native langauge so grammar mistakes or wrong words might very well be possible.


Comment by Thara Mon Feb 17 05:17:33 2014
My cats like to drink from a pitcher we keep in the bathtub. It takes a while for warm water to reach that end end of the house so we had put a pitcher to catch the water to water plants (our shower is separate so they aren't drinking soap). The cats both prefer it over their normal water bowl. I think they like the taller height. If I use it to water plants and have trouble reaching the water they'll dip their paws and lick them off.
Comment by Jim Mon Feb 17 07:21:48 2014
My mom's cats drink out of a tall tub that mom keeps in her bathtub (she used to soak her feet in it). Our cats will drink out of their smaller bowl, but they love jumping in the shower when we step out to drink the water still dripping from the walls/faucet.
Comment by Emily from Bristol Mon Feb 17 10:58:05 2014

We have 2 cats Cat 1 Bonnie is persnickety and likes to drink water every monring out of a drinking cup that is on the lavatory just for her . . . but only after you fill it with her watching to make sure She also likes to drink out of the watering can that I leave filled around the garden area and out of our little pond. Cat 2 Otha is happy to drink out of her bowl, the dog's bowl, and occasionally wants to copy off of Bonnie and jump up on the lavatory for a drink

Comment by Jayne Mon Feb 17 18:09:10 2014

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