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Five Acres and a DreamI first noticed Leigh Tate's 5 Acres & A Dream The Book when it popped up in the top 100 Sustainable Living books list on Amazon (where many of my books reside on their good days). Once I realized the book was a self-published paperback, I became even more intrigued because, while self-published non-fiction ebooks are relatively easy to get into Amazon's top 100 lists, paperbacks tend to be trickier. In case you're curious about reproducing Leigh's success, I suspect it boils down to:

Okay, self-publishing tips aside, I'm sure many of you are simply interested in the book itself. If you enjoy our blog, chances are that 5 Acres & A Dream The Book will be right up your alley. Leigh explains that her book isn't a how to or a why to; it's simply the story of how she and her husband found their farm and spent four years bringing the land to life.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the book is the way Leigh records changes in the couple's thought processes as they began to homestead, transitions that I suspect are near-universal since Mark and I worked our way across many of the same hurdles during our early years here. That's why I particularly recommend Leigh's book to folks who are still in the dreaming stage or who have recently moved to a homestead. Chances are, her book will help lower your own hurdles, in the process making the obstacles look more familiar when the time comes for you to leap across.

Mowing goatAs a more established homesteader, I mostly read Leigh's book as a fun farm memoir, but I definitely pored over the chapter on feeding animals with homegrown products. The Tates experimented with planting field corn (a heavy nitrogen feeder, but easy to grow and process), wheat (very tough to process, but chickens will eat the grains out of the head), Ozark Razorback cowpeas (can be fed to goats in the pod), and sunflowers (can be fed in shells to goats). Since we're just getting started with goats, Leigh's tips were very timely, especially since she's very realistic about homestead-scale processing and storage.

Want to enjoy 5 Acres & a Dream The Book? You're in luck because one reader will win a copy just by entering the giveaway below! If you don't win and want a free sampling of Leigh's writing, head on over to her blog for cute pig photos and much more. Leigh is also branching out into ebooks, and her first two offerings, How to Preserve Eggs and How to Make a Buck Rag are now available on Amazon for 99 cents each. I hope you enjoy the ebooks and paperback as much as I did!

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I was going to refer you to Leigh's blog, because she's talked a lot about goats. She recently had a post about how hard it is to determine whether a goat is pregnant. I'm happy to see you've found her book and blog!
Comment by Rhonda from Baddeck Sun Nov 2 19:22:25 2014

I'm not sure if I'm seeing different options than other folks, but at your Amazon author page I didn't have options for 'like' and 'share on facebook.' Maybe I need an add-on or a different browser. So instead I added you as a favorite author on amazon, 'liked' this post on The Walden Effect facebook page, and manually posted a link to your amazon author page on my facebook page. Hope that's ok!

Also, very nice author page, and thank you for giving your readers so many chances to win free books lately!

Comment by Jake Mon Nov 3 00:46:14 2014

Jake --- Clicking the "favorite" button is exactly the right thing to do. Amazon is currently split-testing a revised type of author page, so the people who get the old-style page will click on a like button while those who get the new-style page will click on the favorite button. Complicated, I know... And I don't know if it really does anything, but it can't hurt, right? :-)

I'm glad you're enjoying the giveaways rather than being sick of them. Sometimes they all come in waves (maybe because homesteaders are too busy to write in the summer?).

Comment by anna Mon Nov 3 08:42:24 2014

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