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2010 cruise adventure

Map of our 2010 adventureLast year's honeymoon cruise to the Yucatan exceeded my wildest expectations, so we decided we had to give it another shot, but a little later in the year once the garden was sound asleep.  This evening, we'll be taking the train south, then jumping aboard a cruise ship to drift through the Gulf of Mexico, explore Mayan ruins, and experience a Mayan steam lodge.  So, for all of those people who would usually call me on my birthday, please send me an email instead --- I'll be away from the phone and having a blast!

One of our readers --- Shannon --- kindly offered to mind the homestead while we're sunning ourselves in Mexico, and once I learned the sheer quantity of firepower he possesses, we couldn't turn him down.  Mark felt better about me announcing to the world that we'd be away from home once he saw Shannon's arsenal.  Don't have a heart attack, Mom, he's a nice guy despite the guns!  Single female readers, Shannon is available and a very hearty woodchopper --- very good farm-husband material.

ShannonThe real point of this post (there's a point?) is to let you know that our internet access will be spotty over the next week and a half, so your comments might languish for a while in moderation.  We've saved up a bunch of fun posts to tide you over until we return to the homestead, but my crontab syntax needs a bit of work, and there's a chance my auto-posts just won't go through --- I apologize in advance if you have to go a day without the Walden Effect.  Please do keep commenting as usual --- I love coming home to tidbits of information from our loyal readers.  Have a great solstice!

If you're lonely without us, check out some of our other blogs --- our chicken blog, ecology and archaeology blog, deer deterrent blog, microbusiness blog, and physics of consciousness blog.

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Aww... you didn't tell me your birthday was coming up. I would have definitely made more of an effort to gather some oak leaf mulch before I came up here.


Y'all have fun now, and thanks again for the hospitality.

Comment by Shannon Sat Dec 11 20:35:33 2010
Where the heck did your hair go, what did u do, lmao
Comment by Sat Dec 11 21:32:18 2010
Have a blast! That goes for Mark and Anna. To other feller - try not to blast anything. ;-P
Comment by Everett Sat Dec 11 22:03:39 2010

Shannon --- your presence is very much presents enough! Although, for future reference, I never turn down biomass. :-) Thanks so much for keeping the farm happy and healthy in our absence.

Dawnofrisingsun --- :-)

Everett --- Thanks! We already are --- on the train in Alabama at the moment, watching trees out the window. (Well, I'm watching trees. Mark seems more interested in fauna.)

Comment by anna Sun Dec 12 15:09:34 2010

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