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What's good about rape?

Patch of greens

Canola leavesTalk about a vegetable with an undeserved bad rap.  In Canada they changed its name to canola.  If you want a recipe you need to look up broccoli raab or rapini.  It's one of my standard, easy-to-grow winter vegetables.  A ten-by-ten foot patch provides a never ending supply of fresh and healthy greens.

Yesterday in the dentist's waiting room, a cooking show was on TV with the sound muted.  I watched the cook put greens on a cookie sheet and into the oven.  After the commercial when it came out the words "oven roasted rapini" flashed on the screen.  I was planning on sauteeing mixed greens for a supper side dish, but decided to try this instead.

First I soaked the picked greens in cold water and drained them.

Chopping greens

Then I cut them in two-or-three-inch-long sections.

Preparing greens

A coating of olive oil with salt preceded putting them on baking sheets and placing in a 350 degree oven.  A stir or two, then, fifteen minutes later--ready to eat along with crock-pot navy beans cooked with chopped onions and green pepper.

Roast greens


(Note from Anna: For those of you who aren't in the know, Errol is my father, who homesteads in South Carolina and is the primary author of Low-Cost Sunroom. I'm tempted to nitpick about his use of the term "rapini," which I understand to mean the broccoli-like flower buds from various types of crucifers. But maybe he's right and I'm wrong and the whole plant can be called rapini? It definitely sounds better than rape....)

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