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I hate to leave folks dangling, so I feel obliged to give a heads up on a few projects which don't yet merit a full post.
Trench to bury waterline
The wriggling worms didn't make it into my grubby little hands Wednesday, but our buddy promised to mail us some soon.  So hopefully sometime in the next few weeks I'll get the worm bin up and running!

In between cutting wood and a thousand other projects, Mark and I have been working on our water problems all week.  Mark got the big pump in the creek running again, so our thousand gallon tank is full of wash water.  Meanwhile, I figured out that the reason our well pump wasn't running was because it was unplugged, though I didn't get it pumping since there's ice in the line.

The biggest part of the water project is burying the lines, which Daddy warns must be done at a two foot depth to prevent freezing.  I'm so bad at judging the time it will take to complete farm projects, so I put that on my agenda to complete for Wednesday --- the picture here shows the 5% of the trench I've dug since then.  Currently, we're musing over whether it'd be cost effective to rent a ditch witch.

Finally, I got my web design, grant writing, and biological inventorying website up and running.  Check it out, and give me a holler if you have any projects to send my way!  I'm at the stage where I could really use some word of mouth pointing folks toward my consulting business.  Thanks in advance!

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