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Introducing the pStyle

Peeing on a compost pile using a pstyle.Okay, so I figure about 60% of you will be seriously squicked by this post.  Feel free to skip it.

Well, squick-free 40%, you will be glad you stayed on board.  Because two weeks ago I saw an ad in a magazine which broke through my internal ad-blocker software.  "Eliminates the need for toilet paper!" it exclaimed, and I perked right up.  I visited Krista's pStyle website, and before I knew it, I was hooked.

The pStyle is a little plastic cup/funnel which fits between your legs (women only, but guys obviously don't need one) and lets you pee standing up.  Our "outhouse" (such as it is) is a good little distance from the house, so I generally don't wander all the way over there to pee, especially if I'm hard at work in the garden.  Plus, if you pee in the yard, it attracts scads of butterflies.  I'm pretty good at squatting, but let me tell you, there's splattering now and then, and drips at the end.  And, in the winter, it's cold.  The pStyle solves all that.

Once you get over your gender normative reaction, you might come on board too.  Here are a couple of testimonials from other rural livers....

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