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Fun in the snow

Snow on the road

Snow friendPerhaps if we lived in a colder climate, I wouldn't love snow so much.  As it is, our farm is in a perfect spot for snow.  We see it every year, but don't get bored of endless white expanses.  Good snows like this one that are packable and deep come perhaps once a year.  So even though the snow plow skipped our little road Thursday morning, I'm sure the outside world will be scraped and clear by Monday at least.

Quick hoops in the snow

Sure, snow makes a little extra work on the farm, but not much.  I went out this morning to sweep off the quick hoops and bee-hive entrances.  The quick hoops were mostly in good shape, although I did damage the fabric a bit with the broom before I got a good handle on how to leave a tiny layer of snow behind to protect the cloth.  The one quick hoop made of Tarp-covered chicken tractorsmaller PVC pipes bowed a little under the weight, but sprang back into shape post-sweeping.

Our chickens generally stay in during snowy weather.  Mark is a good farmer who almost always remembers to toss a tarp over the chicken tractor before a snow, so they have a bit of bare ground to explore.  I think they spend the day napping, though, and waiting for it to be over.

Garden snowman

Once my chores were done, I stole half an hour to make a garden-spirit snow woman.  Oregano, echinacea, red raspberry, and fig detritus gave her some character, along with a homegrown carrot.  Maybe she'll give us a boost for the upcoming gardening season.

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