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How to get a cat out of a tree

StriderToday was one of those farm days where an emergency crops up and you have to spend all day treading water just to catch back up.  Overnight, Strider had climbed 30 feet up a box elder to escape the dogs, and he refused to come down. 

I tried coaxing him from our seven foot ladder, to no avail.  Next try was throwing a rope over the branch and hoisting up a bucket with tuna in the bottom in the vain hope that he might be tempted to jump in and be gently lowered to the ground.  Hah!

We figured that if we made him a ramp, he might be willing to walk down a gentler incline.  But by this time (after lunch), he had hunkered down and wasn't willing to try to walk down our carefully rigged up ramp.

StriderSo we went over to the neighbor's and borrowed a huge ladder (and their truck to carry it in.)  It had started snowing lightly and for once I was impatient as my movie star neighbor waxed eloquent about the special effects in the horror movie he'd been shooting --- the story was top notch, as always, but my mind was on poor little Strider getting cold and wet up in the crotch of the box elder.

At last, we tore ourselves away and drove home through a dry floodplain until we were within sight of the tree.  There was Strider...and then there he was streaking down the side of the tree and leaping the last seven feet to end up safely on the ground.  The combination of the loud engine and snow was too much for him and he figured he'd jolly well rescue himself!  Nevertheless, we're going to hang onto the long ladder until the visiting dog returns to his regular home on Sunday.

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